The twin brother of the Toyota Yaris already has a price, it also has the ECO label and they cost practically the same


At this point in automotive history we should not be surprised by what is known as rebranding, or what is the same, take a car from another brand, change the logo and sell it in another firm. This move is usually carried out with the aim of reducing global emissions without resorting to excessive investment or introducing a “new” product in a somewhat obsolete firm. The case that concerns us today, that of the new Mazda2 Hybrid, is an example of the first scenario, being a vehicle identical to the Toyota Yaris from which it starts. Their only difference? That the Mazda is 4 euros more expensive.

And it is that this is one of the points that generates the most uncertainty, since the distance between both models is really ridiculous. In the case of the Mazda2, the Japanese firm has marked for its clients a disbursement of 21,554 euroswhile Toyota asks for the most basic hybrid Yaris 21,550 euros.

The Mazda2 Hybrid is only 4 euros more expensive than the Toyota Yaris

But let’s see what the arguments of both are and know which one to opt for, at least through their finishes, since mechanically they are identical. On the one hand, the Mazda2 Hybrid for 21,554 euros is associated with the Pure Plus trim levelwhich offers standard elements such as 15-inch wheels, automatic climate control, LED taillights, adaptive cruise control and a 7-inch screen with smartphone connection through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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In the case of the Yaris we must go to the Active Tech finish, which includes 16-inch wheels, automatic climate control, 8-inch screen, keyless access and start, and reversing camera, among others. That is to say, that Toyota’s offspring is slightly better equipped than the Mazda2 Hybrid despite the fact that the difference – although ridiculous – in price is in favor of the Yaris.

It could be that the mechanical section was a sufficient argument to make the Mazda utility more expensive, but the truth is that it is not. And it is that in both cars we find the same three-cylinder atmospheric 1.5-liter that, hand in hand with an electric motor, produces a total of 116 hp. In turn, this set awards both the Toyota Yaris and the Mazda2 Hybrid with the DGT ECO label.

So which of the two should we choose? The answer can be found in three sections: the standard equipment -which we have already seen is slightly better in the Yaris-, the optional ones that each brand allows us to choose, and the after-sales service. For example, Toyota offers a 10-year warranty, while Mazda offers 6 years or 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

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Nevertheless, Toyota’s warranty must be taken with a grain of salt. This is because the firm does not offer you a 10-year warranty with the vehicle, but rather, for each year that you spend maintenance at the official home, you can renew the warranty for one year as long as the car is less than 10 years old. and less than 185,000 kilometers.

Be that as it may, we choose the Mazda2 Hybrid or the Toyota Yaris we are taking, for practical purposes, the same car, with all the good and all the bad that this implies. So if you are considering one of the two, the most practical thing is to assess what each one is looking for in a car, analyze the after-sales service and analyze what use we would give the vehicle and which of the two services would compensate us more.

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