The SUV, with a large trunk, for which it is worth waiting for 2023 to buy a new car


The year is over. And it’s time to think about the launches that will take place in the next year. SUVs have become the preferred car of the Spanish, in the type of vehicle we are looking for to buy a new car, but also used. Hybrids have also become the favorite mechanism of Spaniards who buy a new car, with an ever-increasing offer of full hybrids and, alternatively, the option of micro-hybrids, present in more and more product ranges.

With this scenario, we are not surprised that Toyota is going to become the best-selling brand in Spain this year. Nor is it that the Japanese are preparing new launches that will expand their hybrid offer, but also their SUV offer.

And the product that concerns us in this article is precisely that, a hybrid SUV that could become one of the stars of the Toyota range.


Toyota’s hybrid SUV is one of the most anticipated models in the coming months

A hybrid SUV that you can buy in 2023

Toyota offers one of the most complete hybrid ranges – probably the most – on the market and, therefore, the most complete hybrid SUV offer. He has a Toyota Yaris Cross, compact, and the most accessible. Above a Toyota C-HR, less practical and spacious, but more visually appealing. A Toyota RAV4 that aims higher, much more spacious, but also more expensive and already close to €40,000. And a very large hybrid, with 7 seats, which points to premium, with a price close to €60,000, the Toyota Highlander.

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In this range there is still room for one more, a hybrid SUV that – waiting to know final prices – should be around €30,000, with discounts included. And that hybrid SUV would be none other than the Toyota Corolla Cross. With a 433-litre boot, it would be larger than the Yaris Cross (390 litres), but not as spacious as the RAV4 (490 litres).

Although technically it uses the technology already equipped by the new Toyota Corolla, with two hybrid solutions that go through a 1.8-liter combustion engine (and 140 combined hp) or a 2.0-liter (and 197 combined hp), as well as front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive alternatives, in Spain (and in much of Europe) it will only be available with the 2.0 engine and 197 hp of power and front and all-wheel drive configurations.

We estimate a price in Spain that will be between €31,000 and €35,000

What price do we expect for this hybrid SUV?

As we said, we will have to wait for the launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross to know its final price. But yes we can get an idea of ​​the price range in which it will be locatedbased on the price at which it is already being sold in some European markets.

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In Belgium, for example, it is already possible to buy a Toyota Corolla Cross for €33,740, approximately €3,000 more than the Toyota C-HR. With these prices, and taking into account promotions and discounts, the Toyota Corolla Cross could be around €31,000.

Greater are the differences that we appreciate in other markets. In Italy, for example, it is already selling for €34,500, about €7,000 more than C-HR. In. Germany ditto, it sells for €18,600 which is approximately €7,000 more than the C-HR. Taking into account Italian and German prices, if Toyota opts for a similar strategy in Spain, we could see how the Toyota Corolla Cross is around €35,000. With which we can expect the prices of the Toyota Corolla Cross to be in that range between €31,000 and €35,000.

If you do not want to wait, the Renault Arkana is one of the best options and predictably cheaper than the Corolla Cross that will arrive soon

What hybrid SUV do I buy?

If we do not want to wait for the launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross, in the market we can find really interesting SUV and hybrid alternatives, such as the one proposed by Renault, the brand that offers a range of full hybrids that is closest to that of Toyota, in terms of range and prices. You can currently buy a Renault Arkana on sale for €28,400a very competitive price for an SUV with a trunk of 480 liters, and predictably cheaper than the Corolla Cross that will arrive in the coming months.

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Toyota Corolla Cross:

Renault Arkana:

What second-hand hybrid SUV should I buy?

If we explore the second-hand vehicle market, it is also possible to find numerous second-hand hybrid SUV offersfor less than €30,000, which depending on age and mileage can allow us to access different second-hand models, such as KIA Niro, Hyundai Tucson (microhybrid) and also some models mentioned in this article, such as Toyota C-HR, Toyota RAV4 and Renault Arkana.


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