The SUV that was worth waiting for in 2023 has an ECO label and will be cheaper than most hybrids


There are more and more hybrid options that we find on the market, with new technologies and better consumption, however, except on rare occasions, this extra efficiency means a clear increase in the final price. And it is for this reason that one of the most anticipated hybrid SUVs of 2023 is the Peugeot 3008 microhybridan SUV associated with a new hybrid gasoline engine that promises to obtain the ECO label at a more advantageous price than many of its rivals.

Although in the Peugeot 3008 range it is possible to buy plug-in hybrid mechanics, these options are not suitable for all audiences due to their high price and the need to have a charging point to get the most out of them. Thus, In order to achieve lower consumption and the increasingly useful ECO label, but without skyrocketing the price, Peugeot has decided to develop a gasoline engine equipped with microhybrid technology..

Micro-hybrid systems have become quite popular thanks to their lower complexity and cost., achieving consumption not as low as full hybrids or “Full Hybrid”, but sporting the same ECO label and a lower purchase price. Thus, Peugeot has created a 1.2 Turbo gasoline engine capable of developing 136 CV thanks to the combination with a 28.6 CV electric motor, a 48-volt lithium battery and a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.


This 3008 has the advantages of two worlds, microhybrids and hybrids, being especially useful in the city

The particularity of this new Peugeot engine is that actually it is halfway between microhybrids and full hybridsbecause although its electrical power and battery capacity is low, allows us to circulate in electric mode at very low speed and during maneuvers for distances of just under 1 km. So much so that Peugeot ensures a consumption reduction of 15% And power move in electric mode more than 50% of the time we do urban driving. The battery is recharged thanks to the recovery of energy during braking and the excesses of the thermal engine, so we will not have to worry about connecting the car to any charging point As is the case with plug-in hybrids.

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The Peugeot 3008 microhybrid will hit the streets in the coming months, being clearly the most interesting model that we will see in the brand this year. Peugeot has already confirmed that this new 1.2 hybrid engine will reach its entire range of models, being marketed in a 100 or 136 hp version and thus allowing it to stand up to its rivals equipped with full hybrid engines, models whose purchase price is usually much higher. in general terms.


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