The SUV that is worth waiting for if you are looking for a new car: now it costs €20,000, how much will its generational replacement cost?


Who has seen and who sees you!

In 2017, one of the SUVs was uncovered that, even today, continues to be one of the most interesting proposals in its category. An economical product, which in the past we have come to see with offers even below €13,000. A lot has happened since then. The prices of new cars have skyrocketed and their starting price has been located at €19,640.

Far from losing interest, Hyundai’s small SUV is still an interesting product right now. In its range it has economic gasoline engines with a C label, a 48-volt micro-hybrid mechanics with an ECO label, the same one that receives a third full hybrid mechanics and, finally, a fully electric version.


Hyundai evolves, the Kona too

Five years later we can see the evolution carried out by Hyundai, moving away from the economic product, and betting on a significant leap in quality and much more technological and distinguished products. Their products are not so cheap anymore. But it is not for this reason that we are surprised that the Hyundai Tucson has positioned itself this year as the best-selling car in Spain in the past year.

The new generation of the Hyundai Kona is ready to hit dealerships and has followed, step by step, the evolution of its older brother, the Tucson. Its image has been completely revised and if it gives you the impression that it is now a bigger car, it will be because it certainly is. In practice, its wheelbase has increased by 60 millimeters, and legroom by 77 millimeters. We do not have more information about its trunk, except for the 723-liter capacity that can be reached if we fold down the rear row of seats.

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At 4.35 meters long, the new Hyundai Kona is no longer a natural rival to the SEAT Arona (4.14 meters), to become an alternative to the SEAT Ateca (4.36 meters). A segment jump that, necessarily, should be reflected in its price.

The Hyundai Kona has gone from being similar in size to a SEAT Arona, to growing to be like an Ateca

An SUV that could be gasoline, hybrid and electric

On board the change is already significant. We will have to see the new Hyundai Kona live, touch it and test it to see if there has been a leap in quality in settings and materials. A priori, its 12.3″ double screen design, which unites the digital instrumentation with the central entertainment system, represents a qualitative leap with respect to the interior design of the Hyundai Kona that can still be purchased at dealerships.

At a time when manufacturers are betting everything on electric, it is interesting to know that, at least in South Korea, it will be marketed with two gasoline engines of 149 and 198 hp, a hybrid with ECO label of 141 hp of power and, of course, an electric with a Zero Emissions label, of which more details will be provided in a few weeks.

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We still do not know how the range will be articulated in Europe and, specifically, in Spain. But the presence of a non-electrified gasoline engine would undoubtedly help to keep its starting price from skyrocketing. We will know in the coming weeks.

In South Korea, at least, it will be marketed with gasoline engines, hybrids and also in an electric version.

A bigger, roomier and probably more expensive SUV

As we told you, the Hyundai Kona can be purchased right now for €19,640. And it is logical that the doubt arises, to wait or not for his successor. My partner Daniel Valdivielso told us these days the details of the current offer of the Hyundai Kona. In recent months we have seen how the prices of new cars evolve upwards, in all cases.

So we would not dare to predict if Hyundai will have better offers for its small SUV before its generational change, in that period of run out or liquidation of a product that is going to be replaced.

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What we can imagine is that this new Hyundai Kona should see a price increase compared to its successor. And very likely to be located in figures that should no longer start below €20,000 and to be located somewhere in between with the €26,525 from which the Hyundai Tucson starts.


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