The second approved V16 light arrives in Spain from Telefónica… and it won’t be cheap either


If you have bought or have been given one emergency light V16, probably, three years from now, it won’t serve you. The reason? From 2026 only those connected to the DGT will be valid and, for now, there are only two approved for this in Spain: first came the one from Vodafone and now the one from Vodafone has done the same. telephone. Supply increases, but prices do not decrease.

Royal Decree 1030/2022 that regulates the new emergency beacons not only establishes that it will be the only valid system as of January 1, 2026 when they definitively replace the emergency triangles. Rule that these lights must be connected to DGT 3.0: In this way, in addition to signaling the incident without leaving the vehicle, it will anonymously communicate its location so that Traffic can notify other drivers and manage traffic.

In order to establish this connection with the DGT 3.0 servers, the V16 lights have to be equipped with a SIM card that has a data connection: just like in your phone. The key is that most of those on the market lack this essential requirement, although recently there have been two approved devices that do meet it. The first to go on sale was Vodafone’s Help Flash IoT and Now comes the FlashLED SOS V16 from KPS Group, which has Telefónica technology.

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Telefonica light V6

Telefónica has explained that Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity from Telefónica Tech It will reach more manufacturers in the coming years, but the first brand has been FlashLED from KPS Group which has launched the FlashLED SOS V16 connected beacon.

It sits on a magnetic support and at a technical level guarantees 360 degree visibility from a kilometer away. It is resistant to water and dust, supports air currents of up to 180 Pa, has an IP54 degree of protection and can work even when the thermometer shows temperatures between negative ten and fifty degrees.

The price of Telefónica’s connectivity

Of course, its fundamental characteristic is the connectivity with the DGT 3.0 and its geolocation system. Telefónica Tech provides the NB-IoT technology with which this V16 light will have a reduced consumption (it has a 9 V battery) to extend its useful life, Coverage throughout the national territory, as well as more efficient and secure information management, when sending data to the DGT, thanks to the Kite platform.

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FlashLED SOS V16 beacon it is for sale since february 2023 and it is possible to find it in the main stores of the motor world: its price is €59.95 and, for the moment, there is no introductory offer as was the case with the Vodafone one that came to the market at a discount (49.99 euros instead of the 59.99 that it will cost a posteriori).


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