The real anti-SUV is a premium with an ECO label and plenty of space, which could be available for a short time


It is a fact. We Spaniards want SUVs. And brands like Volvo see how the sales of their sedans and, to a lesser extent, their relatives, are reduced to almost testimonial figures. It is therefore not surprising that in some markets they have already begun to restructure their range. A few days ago Volvo proceeded to withdraw its S60 model from its catalog in the United Kingdom (self-express).

In Spain we are not aware that there will be changes in the Volvo range. But it is a good time to analyze two of the smartest purchases in the Volvo range, which are none other than the Volvo S60 and the Volvo V60 proposal.

Two perfect alternatives for the driver looking to escape SUV fever. Two spacious, comfortable, well-equipped cars, at a very reasonable price for a premium, practically at a general price and not too far from their rivals from Opel, Peugeot or Volkswagen, which, by the way, are fewer and fewer. And two cars that, as standard, are already equipped with micro-hybrid mechanics, automatic gearbox and ECO label.


The sedan and the family of all life are still two very valid options, and smart, for any buyer looking for a premium escaping from the SUV fever

The true anti-SUV is a premium with an ECO label

With a sale price of € 40,500 we have the Volvo S60a elegant sedan as an alternative to the SUV which in its access version is already equipped with a micro-hybrid gasoline engine, with 197 CV of power and automatic transmission. In its access version, Premium Edition, it already includes 17″ wheels, Sensus Navigation entertainment and navigation system and compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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For this price we get an elegant, spacious and well equipped sedan. But if it is smart to buy an S60, as an alternative to an SUV, it is even more so that of its family brother, the Volvo V60. More space, with a €1,000 lower starting price. Where is the trick?

With a sale price of € 39,500 we have the Volvo V60a station wagon as an alternative to the SUV that it does have a less powerful access engine, with 163 hp, but which is still a micro-hybrid, has an ECO label and is also equipped with an automatic gearbox as standard.

For less than €40,000 we also have very interesting and recommended options in the used market in which these alternatives to SUVs have not seen their prices increase as much as SUVs.

Anti-SUV alternatives for less than €40,000

Below €40,000, as we will see below, there are other alternatives from premium and non-premium manufacturers, and they are also a suitable option for those looking for an alternative bodywork to the SUV. By €32,940 we can access a Cupra León Sportstourerby €37,375 for a Volkswagen Passat Variant and by less than €35,000 also for an Opel Insignia sedan.

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Being models that do not enjoy as much demand as SUVs, the second-hand market also leaves us with prices that, in these times, are really good. It is relatively easy to find second-hand cars, without too many kilometers and well equipped, for less than €40,000, from the Volvo S60 and V60 ranges, and even from the S90 range.


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