The queen of quality-price of urban motorcycles is updated, it is on sale for €3,250, with very low consumption


It continues to be the best-selling motorcycle in Spain, maintaining the leadership it held throughout last year. An urban, versatile and complete motorcycle. A 125 scooter that you can drive with your car license.

Throughout the last few months, prices remained around €3,500, to start this new year with a better offer, which today situates it at €3,250. And not only that. It has just received the update with the new 2023 versions, which essentially involves the introduction of two new, more attractive and striking colors.

In the range of the cheapest 125 scooters, between €2,000 and €3,500, we have a Honda PCX 125 that is placed in the upper part, as one of the most equipped, competitive and complete.


The Honda PCX 125 is updated with two new paint finishes in gray and blue

Honda PCX 125 MY2023 in Matte Suit Blue Metallic.

Scooter 125 urban and low consumption

The Honda PCX 125 welcomes 2023 with an update that introduces two new colors, gray and blue, to complete a catalog of four paint finishes:

  1. Pearl Jupiter Gray (new)
  2. Blue Suit Matte Metallic (new)
  3. White Jasmine Pearl
  4. Matte Galaxy Black Metallic

This 125 scooter, with a high wheel and a seat at 76.4 centimeters, weighs 130 kilograms, has a double shock absorber on the rear axle and 12.5 CV to be one of the most practical motorcycles in the city, either for daily trips, or for urban freight delivery. Its consumption is 2.1 liters/100 kilometers, providing sufficient autonomy – around 385 kilometers – with an 8.1-liter tank and being possible to even lower the official theoretical consumption in practice.

It reaches 98 km/h and is designed to maintain cruises of 90 km/h without difficulties.

Honda PCX 125 MY2023 in Pearl Jupiter Grey.

Some details of the Honda PCX 125

Among its most outstanding features and equipment:

  • 30.4 liter under seat storage, enough for a full face helmet
  • USB Type C charging socket in the glove box
  • LED lighting
  • Front tire with 14″ rim and rear with 13″ rim
  • Available a City pack with 35-litre hood, windshield, transparent handguards and heated grips

Other motorcycles as an alternative to the Honda PCX 125

Among the 5 most prominent rivals of the Honda PCX 125 we continue to highlight:

  1. Peugeot Tweet 125 Active, remains at €2,320
  2. Kymco Agility City, which recently dropped from €2,399 to €2,199
  3. Piaggio Liberty S125 ABS from €2,712
  4. SYM Jet 14, whose price rises from €2,799 to €2,999
  5. Yamaha Nmax 125, which rises from €3,499 to €3,799

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