The Pu + Ra Zero, Lancia’s new concept car without windows or wheels (+ Images)

Pu+Ra Zero concept car from Lancia
Image courtesy of Gizmodo – Pu+Ra Zero Lancia concept car

the only car Lancia currently for sale is hatchback third-generation Ypsilon subcompact since 2011. It sells quite well in Italy, the only country in which the brand operates, although Lancia has more ambitious plans for the future. Manufacturers typically win people’s enthusiasm back with concepts, a strategy that Lancia has put into practice this week, presenting a new design with an updated logo.

Lancia which hasn’t introduced a new car in over a decade, has chosen to go beyond the “car” goal and go into less-explored territory with the: Pu+Ra Zeroits new concept car.

New Lancia Pu+Ra Zero Concept Car

The Italian manufacturer states that the Pu+Ra Zero represents “the first event of the new age lancia”. The company claims there will be nods of identity that will reappear in upcoming models, perhaps related to the “grille,” a large glossy black chevron adorned with LED strips, and the aforementioned logo.

Lancia's new Pu+Ra Zero concept car
Image courtesy of Gizmodo – Lancia’s new Pu+Ra Zero concept car

The logo recalls the classic Lancia emblems, especially in the 2020s. Furthermore, it seems that the concept goes back to Lancia’s past. According to the press release:

“Lancia Pu+Ra Zero is made up of soft, flowing lines that recall the design of the Aurelia B20 and Flaminia, with a circular roof that floods the cabin with light, in a game of balance between exteriors and interiors. Round taillights stand out at the rear. They are reminiscent of those on the Stratos and will be used on the new Ypsilon with the new Lancia lettering placed between the headlights. Finally, in a side view, the new logo stands out.»

lancia design
Image Courtesy of Gizmodo – Lancia Design

There’s no denying that the Aurelia looks unlike anything else. But according to Gizmodo it’s hard to see any relationship between the classic curvaceous coupe and the levitating trackball.

Nor can traces of the Stratos be seen in the rear lights of the Pu+Ra Zero. They are ovals and not circles like the ones that the Stratos sports. In the same way, he assures that “a much more accurate comparison would have been with the back of a Bentley Continental modern.”

Lancia's new Pu+Ra Zero concept car
Image courtesy of Gizmodo – Lancia’s new Pu+Ra Zero concept car

A radical and futuristic design

Lancia ensures that Pu+Ra Zero is related to his Pu+Ra design language, as the principles that will define their following models are called: “Pu+Ra” is “pure” and “radical”. The Italian manufacturer will work with the Italian furniture designer Cassina in order to define its future interiors. Something that cannot be evidenced in the concept because it does not have an interior, just a reflective pool of lights in the center.

The Pu+Ra Zero It’s like a modern take on the concept Lancia Stratos Zero from Bertone. The difference is that the Stratos Zero it was a real car that worked, although it looked like a sculpture where no human being could fit. This was possible thanks to an innovative approach to its cover, where the windshield opened allowing entry and exit, and the steering wheel articulated to the floor. Sitting inside, you practically lay on your back.

New Pu+Ra Zero, Lancia's concept car
Image courtesy of Gizmodo – New Pu+Ra Zero, Lancia’s concept car

Although of course, the Stratos Zero it was a trap from another world, and it would hardly make it to production that way. But that it worked underpinned the beauty and achievement of the design. Sure, today’s Lancia isn’t performance driven, as it was in its prime years, and it’s hard enough to get excited about a top third of a generic 3D model, especially when Lancia was only supposed to bring a semi-sexy hatchback.

Even so, perhaps there is hope in this futuristic work of the Italian manufacturer, it only takes time to discover what it has prepared inside and if it will be an engineering success or a colossal failure, ahead of its time for which the The world is not ready yet.

Lancia design language
Image Courtesy of Gizmodo – Lancia Design Language


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