The Polestar 2 responds to Tesla’s offensive with improvements in features and equipment, but also with a price increase


The price war started by the Tesla Model 3 already has a response from its biggest competitor, the Polestar 2. The Swedish manufacturer announces improvements for its electric sedan following the steps already seen in its sister Volvo. Thus The Polestar 2 debuts improvements in autonomy, performance and equipment that are already available in Spainthus seeking to remain as the best and most interesting alternative to the Tesla saloon.

Polestar has updated the entire Polestar 2 range with changes of great importance from a technical point of view. The electric motors are completely new, as are the inverters and batteries.thus managing to improve the performance of all the versions available in the model, but also the final performance. The minimum power available goes from 231 to 272 CVthe single-motor versions become propulsion, greater energy efficiency is promised and the batteries are now manufactured by LG Chem (69 kWh) and CATL (82 kWh), adding in the second case an extra capacity to the previously have 78 kWh.

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With these changes, the Polestar 2 range in Spain would look like this:

Version Traction Battery Autonomy DC recharge Power engine torque
Standard Range Single Engine RWD 69 kWh 518km 135 kW 272 hp 490Nm
Long Range Single Engine RWD 82 kWh 634km 205 kW 299 hp 490Nm
Long Range Dual Engine AWD 82 kWh 592km 205 kW 421 hp 740Nm
LR Dual Motor Performance AWD 82 kWh 592km 205 kW 476 hp 740Nm

Changes are also introduced in the equipment installed as standard, now finding a wider endowment from the access finish. From now on, the 360º camera is included as standard, anti-glare mirrors, cross-traffic alert, blind spot warning, emergency braking assistance now also against rear-end collisions, etc.

The starting price of the Polestar 2 2023 starts at 51,690 euros, a price that would allow you to benefit from the aid of the MOVES plan to reduce the price to €44,690. These novelties in the range and the corresponding rates are already valid in the Polestar configurator in Spain. Taking this amount into account, these improvements in the Polestar 2 have been accompanied by an increase in pricesince the cheapest Polestar 2 could be purchased so far from 50,190 euros, which with aid remained at 43,190 euros.

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