The perfect BMW M3 E30 abandons its four-cylinder for the six-cylinder of an M3 E36


Have you ever thought about the BMW M3 E30 and concluded that the car would have been much more impressive with a six-cylinder engine? A pointed, balanced and refined engine like the S50 of the BMW M3 E36, which developed 321 atmospheric CV. If so, you are not alone. And someone has carried out your wettest dreams, transforming a BMW M3 E30 into one of the most interesting hybrids of recent times. A hybrid that has recently been sold in the United States for a whopping $55,000. as you hear it

It is a very high price for a modified BMW M3 E30 and it is also an affront to the most purists of BMW. A price that reflects how careful its mechanical transformation has been, the aesthetic taste with which it has been executed and the enormous dynamism that the German youngtimer has gained. Let’s start with the most important: its 195bhp 2.3-litre S14 has been replaced by the brilliant 321bhp 3.2-litre S50 of a BMW M3 E36, associated with its six-speed manual gearbox, transmitting all its power to the rear axle.

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The BMW M3 E30 of your screens was recently sold in Bring A Trailer for $55,000.

Pay attention to the paint on its valve cover, identical to the one that covers the body of the car. The exhaust manifold has a ceramic coating and the radiator is a Fluidyne with greater cooling capacity. The undercarriage was modified with first level components, such as Brembo brakes, Bilstein shock absorbers with H&R springs, a Supersprint exhaust or 17-inch Forgestar wheels, shod with Hankook Ventus V12 EVO sports tires. Both the stabilizers and the suspension arms, including the turret bars, are elements added later.


This car is well built, speaking in Christian. In addition to being well armed, he appears to have been lovingly transformed. Check out the Recaro sport seats with Takata harnesses, or the installation of a roll cage in the space dedicated to the rear seats. Steering wheel, instrumentation and some interior panels have been completely renewed, and now they boast a fantastic appearance. Outwardly, it not only stands out for its yellow paint.

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Sacrilege or genius? Would you have done this with a BMW M3 E30?

It has been installed a body kit coming from a BMW M3 Evolution II – some parts are replicas – and both grille and optics have been darkened. Finally, the headlights are now xenon. The car was converted 14,500 kilometers ago, and its original mileage is unknown. However, it is in perfect mechanical condition. In truth, you want to practice sacrilege with an original M3 E30, and transform it into this high-flying M3 “E306”, capable of giving a scare to many high-performance cars, both on the street and on the circuit.

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