The new Volkswagen ID.3 will arrive in 2023, it will bring important improvements, although it will also raise prices


Volkswagen’s most important electric already has its first review ready. The Volkswagen ID.3 2024 It is ready to start the pre-sale, which is why the German firm has begun to confirm some of the changes that we will see in this electric compact. And we have good and bad news, because although the new Volkswagen ID.3 will introduce improvements in quality and equipment In response to criticism in these fields, the price of this new ID.3 will also rise to adapt to price inflation and component shortages suffered by the automotive industry.

Volkswagen plans to start production of the new ID.3 in the spring of 2023 for the first customer deliveries to take place at the end of the same year. This review will introduce changes of some relevance, focusing especially on the quality improvement in terms of materials and assemblyhighlighting the arrival of padded coverings in the upper areas, new upholstery with contrasting stitching and the use of vegan materials throughout the cabin.

The ID.3 will improve its most criticized points in this review: quality and equipment

Exterior design changes will focus on the use of more aggressive bumpersthe disappearance of the honeycomb design from the frontthe removal of the black plastic piece on the front hood or the elimination of the vinyls that could be installed in the “C” pillar. In a way, it is intended to give a twist to the idea of ​​differentiation of the ID range, now bringing it closer to the stylistic line of the conventional Volkswagen range.

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And the same thing will happen inside, because along with the improvement in materials already mentioned, there will also be we will find a greater endowment of series. This means finding some seats with better support and comfortuntil now only available in the highest trims, a center console with two cup holders, removable trunk cover or a multimedia system with a 12″ screen that, if nothing prevents it, you will be able to enjoy the long-awaited revision 3.0 of the MIB3 software, which promises to correct many of the known errors in this interface, in addition to improving the user experience and launching new possibilities in terms of services and applications. Let us remember that recently Volkswagen, at the hands of its new CEO Thomas Schäfer, promised the arrival of improvements in the MIB3 systemboth at the software and hardware level, however the new ID.3 seems to be orphaned by the hardware improvements, at least in this update.

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At a technical level, no changes are expected regarding the battery or propellers, maintaining the current range, although it is being revised to improve its efficiency and thus obtain 2% extra autonomy according to WLTP approval. Nor will we see improvements or changes to the chassis, it remains to be seen when we will see the ID.3 GTX on the streets, which will become a kind of electric alternative to the Golf R.

The Volkswagen ID.3 2024 will be much more expensive

But where we will see important changes will be in prices, because according to reports AutomotiveNews, this new Volkswagen ID.3 will increase its rates significantly. Given the improvement in quality and equipment, in addition to introducing a review of the range, the most affordable ID.3 2024 will have a price in Spain of 45,020 euros. With this update, the offer of terminations changes, since There will be four finishes available: Entry, Business, Style and Tour, being already available for reservation in the Volkswagen commercial network from December 1. In fact, Volkswagen has also announced that, due to the waiting list resulting from the shortage in the supply of components, the current orders for the ID.3 will be directly replaced by the new version.

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ID.3 production will expand to a third plant in 2023 in pursuit of increasing the offer of this electric compact, joining the Wolfsburg plant to the factories already underway in Zwickau and Dresden.


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