The most practical hybrid car whose price has not yet risen, is it a good purchase option?

The most practical hybrid car whose price has not yet risen, is it a good purchase option?

There are fewer and fewer brands and cars that can boast of having maintained their prices throughout the year. And we fear that those cars that have not experienced price increases will be difficult to maintain this situation in the coming months. Hybrid cars, on the other hand, have become the preferred option of Spanish buyers. And the car that concerns us today, in addition to having maintained its price, is a hybrid, and one of the most interesting proposals for those looking for a comfortable, urban, practical car with an ECO label.

The benchmark for urban hybrid cars It is the Toyota Yaris, also the best seller in its category. If we broaden the search and also consider microhybridsthe FIAT 500 is, without a doubt, the urban car with the ECO label of the moment.

But the least known proposal, but no less interesting for that, comes from another Japanese, from Honda and from a utility vehicle that, historically, has been characterized as one of the most practical options in its category, playing halfway between urban tourism of a lifetime and minivans.

The Honda Jazz is one of the cheapest and most interesting full hybrids on the market, along with the Toyota Yaris and Renault Clio.

The most practical hybrid car whose price has not risen

The sale price of the Honda Jazz is €21,650. If we refer to the price history of What car did I buy? We verify that since 2021 the prices of the Honda Jazz have been between €22,000 and €23,000. Since the launch of this latest generation, in 2020, the prices of the Honda Jazz have barely risen. An anomalous situation, in a market in which it is normal for products in its category – hybrids and non-hybrids – to have increased their price by several thousand euros.

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The €21,650 Honda Jazz is a 109 hp hybrid car, with “automatic” transmission, and equipped with the Comfort line in its most basic version. In this access line it has a fairly basic equipment, which goes through 15″ steel wheels and dispenses with front and rear parking sensors, and has an entertainment system with a 5″ screen and Bluetooth. It would be advisable to opt for a more equipped version, such as the Elegance, which already starts at €23,350.

In its favour, that the Honda Jazz is a small car, but with a large trunk for its size and very comfortable and spacious rear seats, which allow the base of the seats to be raised (in the purest style of movie theater benches). ) to accommodate large volume objects that, under normal conditions, cannot usually be accommodated in a car of its size.

Looking for hybrid cars around €20,000

If what we are looking for is a hybrid car – complete – over €20,000one of the most recommended options continues to be the Toyota Yaris, on offer from €20,550. It’s cheaper and better equipped, with standard 16-inch alloy wheels and an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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If we look for the cheapest optionWe also recommend a Hybrid Renault Clio on offer from €19,194 which is the cheapest, with somewhat scarcer equipment that, in any case, does include a 7″ touch screen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Although the second-hand market has also skyrocketed its prices, yes it is relatively easy to find many second-hand hybrid cars for less than €20,000:

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