The most anticipated SUV of the moment already has an arrival date on the streets

The most anticipated SUV of the moment already has an arrival date on the streets

Although it arrives a little later than originally planned, the first production Ineos Grenadier has already been manufactured. The English manufacturer completes a new stage in the launch of this ambitious off-roader, a car developed by and to become the most capable 4×4 of the momentthus seeking to position itself as the best alternative to cars such as the Mercedes G-Class, the Jeep Wrangler or the Land Rover Defender.

It was yesterday, October 18, when the first unit of the Ineos Grenadier in its production version left the Hambach factory in France.. The factory has been working for months on fine-tuning its production chain, manufacturing dozens of prototypes to polish and improve the entire process, meanwhile completing the Grenadier’s own validation tests. In fact, our test of the Ineos Grenadier was precisely with one of these pre-production units.

Now the Grenadier faces a new stage, confirming the start of deliveries to customers for the first days of December. The delays suffered in the beginning of the manufacture have to do with the problems of supply of components, however Ineos assures that it is already in a position to be able to guarantee the rate of production of the Grenadier.

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Available for reservation for months, the Grenadier range has a single body, although with different variants for its interior configuration in order to offer more roominess (5-seater Station Wagon) or more cargo space (2- or 2-seater Utility Wagon). 5 places). At the same time It is available together with two engines of BMW originboth with 3 liters of displacement and 6 cylinders in line: diesel of 249 CV and 550 Nm and gasoline of 285 CV and 450 Nm. The same transmission configuration is used for both propellants, using a ZF gearbox with 8 ratios per torque converter and all-wheel drive.

For those interested in buying this SUV, they should know that the Ineos Grenadier has a starting price of 62,590 euros for the 2-seater Utility Wagon version, rising to €63,560 for the same variant in a 5-seater configuration. And if what we want is an Ineos Grenadier “tourism”, the price increases to 79,890 euros (5-seater Station Wagon).

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