The Mercedes-Benz truck that Jorge Valdivia would have given to Daniela Aránguiz and she says “I deserve it” (+Video)

Daniela Aranguiz bought a luxury van of the brand Mercedes-Benz valued at $50 million Chilean pesos. Indicating that he deserved that gift.

The Mercedes van that Daniela Aránguiz bought

“I deserve it”. This is the phrase that he said on Tuesday, November 22, to his followers from a dealership, indicating that he was about to acquire a luxury van.

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Although he did not specifically state the model of the high-end truck he purchased, we do know that it was a Mercedes Benz white and 0 kilometers.

The SUV de lujo is fresh from the dealer since it did not have the front license plate attached to the bumper yet.

the ex-wife of Jorge “Mago” Valdivia She proudly displayed her new purchase on her account instagram his newly acquired vehicle to his hundreds of thousands of followers.

Showed up at a dealership Mercedes Benz and showed a model in two different colors: black and gray.

The SUV is from the line GLC of said firm, for a price greater than $50 million pesos.

It is speculated that Jorge Valdivia He would have given this luxurious truck to his ex-wife and mother of his two children, Daniela Aranguiz.


I deserve it! I think… or that prettier one»it is what aranguiz he says as he walks around showing the truck in a video.

Although she says that she decided to buy it after seeing it several times. However, it is thought that her ex-partner gave it to her in an attempt to reconcile, since she had previously asked him for forgiveness along with a huge bouquet of red roses.

The former participant of “The Chef’s Disciple” He had previously said that he would spend the year-end holidays at his home located in the US with his ex-partner.

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