The McLaren 720S already has a substitute: its V8 will be more powerful and the last one without electrification


The McLaren 720S went out of production at the end of 2022, but the gap it has left in Woking will not remain empty for long. Its replacement, known internally as the McLaren 750S, It will arrive this year updating the 720S recipe with a new style and, above all, more power.

At the end of last year, Nicolas Brown, president of McLaren in the United States, gave the first clues about the new model, assuring that it would be a refined version of the McLaren 720. He did not give more details, but he did reveal to Automotive News that it will not be “an all-new, next-generation vehicle.” The same medium now collects the latest information on this vehicle.

The British brand has not commented on the data provided by the aforementioned source, whose identity is kept secret. Based on the information you have provided, the production of the McLaren 750S will be limited, so a circulation of several hundred vehicles can be expected.


a couple of variants

It will be available in two variants: coupe and convertible. Both would arrive at launch, which is unusual for McLaren in that it usually launches the second a couple of years later. As it points out, there will be no LT (Long Tail) version. The McLaren 750S would be the “perfect combination” between the 720S and the 765LT: “It will not be as extreme as the 765, but it will be a little more aggressive than the 720.”

the options of personalization They will be numerous, offering, thus, new colors for the bodywork, new interior materials and there will also be innovations in the design of the wheels.

Both the exterior and the interior they borrow some of the design elements from other McLaren models. However, the 750S will feature a redesigned front bumper, larger lower air intakes and an adaptive rear wing similar to the 765LT, but larger for more downforce.

Inside, the McLaren 750S will debut a new instrument cluster Column-mounted high-definition steering column similar to that of the McLaren Artura and Elva.

The last one not electrified

The McLaren 750S will be the last non-electrified conventional model: future vehicles will be hybrid or fully electric. It will be powered by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from the McLaren 720S, but it will add 30 horsepower to, as the name suggests, reach 750 horsepower.

The source cited by Automotive News ensures that at the end of February, the British will give the first clues about their new creation: the launch would be scheduled for April. The price has not yet been revealed, but it suggests that it will cost 10% more than the McLaren 720S… which started at 284,700 euros.


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