The Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition the new electric and technological SUV from Geely that will arrive in 2023

The Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition the new electric and technological SUV from Geely that will arrive in 2023

Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition
Image courtesy of – Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition

A few months ago, one of the Geely group brands showed the world a electric suv known as Jidu Robo-01. And after just five months, the advanced technology specialists at Baidu present the serial production model of the electric will arrive in 2023.

Goodbye to the futuristic design of the concept car, and hello to the new Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition u Highly technological electric SUV with cutting-edge design. light up spotlights very thin that occupy a large part of the front surface, which can project images. Added to this are fairly balanced proportions, where the rather stylish coupe-shaped rooflineand according to Gasgoo, with generous dimensions.

It measures 4,853 mm long, 1,990 mm wide, 1,611 mm high, a wheelbase of 3,000 mm and a boot volume of between 555 to 1,528 liters, if some rows of seats are removed.

Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition, a very technological electric SUV

The Jidu Robo-01 It does not have retractable handles on the door panels, instead it sports a discreet button with which you can open and close them automatically. Baiduin charge of technology, provides an interior for five seats where there is no physical control.

The dashboard looks great 35.6-inch digital screen with 6K technologysomething that the rear passengers also enjoy but with a 7-inch screen integrated into a center console, as well as a yoke steering wheel. However, this is not all, since the Jidu Robo-01 is he China’s first model approved for level 3 autonomous driving. It brings point-to-point navigation on the highway and in the city, although it is one step less than that seen in the concept.

Interior of the Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition
Image courtesy of – Interior of the Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition

There is also a powerful network of sensors and cameras: two LiDAR, five millimeter radar, a dozen ultrasound and another dozen high-resolution cameras, which are responsible for controlling the environment of the car and allowing the operation of the Point-to-Point Autopilot systemwith driver supervision.

The vigorous power of the Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition

On the other hand, Geely was in charge of the technique and mechanics, which is why the Jidu Robo-01 is based on your SEA platform electric cars. Same as Smart #1, with two electric motors, which combined generate a power of 400 kW (544 hp). Capable of accelerating in just 3.9 seconds, it has a battery with a capacity of 100 kWh and a maximum autonomy greater than 600 kmaccording to the CLTC cycle of homologation in China.

It is worth mentioning that Baidu has already sold a thousand units of the model, but has promised another thousand more given its success in the market, with a price of around 55,000 Euros in Chinawhere it comes with the autonomous function, plus free charging, warranty, lifetime support and a wireless charger to install at home.


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