The indestructible supercar exists and it is this Honda NSX with 28 years and 645,000 km!


Combining the concept of a sports car and reliability is very rarely possible, however today we bring you one of those few cases that is the exception that proves the rule. Designed and manufactured in Japan with the sole intention of demonstrating that not only Ferrari knew how to make high-performance carsthe Honda NSX has reached our days as a very special supercar due to its atypical recipe, but also because it is a car capable of defying the passage of time as this Honda NSX-T demonstrates, which already has 645,000 km! And it still works like the first day.

enshrined as one of the best supercars made by the Japanese car industry, the first generation Honda NSX (Acura NSX in the USA) is one of those extremely special cars not so much for its performance, but for its philosophy. encouraged by a 3-liter V6 gasoline engine and 270 hpwe are talking about a car that offered careful driving dynamics, an extremely sophisticated design and something quite unusual among its rivals… reliability.

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For this reason, the protagonist of the video that you have on these lines (PogiCars) did not think twice when he discovered the ad for this Acura NSX-T on Facebook for $35,000. The car was from 1995, it had the occasional bump on its body, some tires that, even though they are BBS, do not hit anything and on its odometer there were more than 645,000 km (400,000 miles)but after negotiating with the seller and lowering the price to $29,000, the purchase was closed.


Beyond the aesthetic plane and the mileage, the most important thing about this NSX-T was the fact that its maintenance had been carried out meticulously as well demonstrated by the invoices presented by the seller. Yes, it was an old car and quite used, but reliable and well maintained., so everything seems to indicate that this NSX will not give its new owner too many problems. And so much so that the new owner wants to use this NSX as the basis of a project to improve it, modify it to some extent and who knows if even enhance it.

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In Europe, finding a Honda NSX is not easy, not even in a questionable state, which is why the few units for sale are around 80,000 euros and upwards from there.


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