The Icon 4×4 Ford Ranger is the best restomod of the moment


icon 4×4 is to classic SUVs what Singer is to Porsche 911s. It’s a Atelier of the highest level that transforms old SUVs into works of art modernized, in which the maximum attention to detail is the main leitmotif of the company. We already know his restomods from the Toyota Land Cruiser BJ, and it is time to learn about his work based on one of the most popular pick-up trucks in the United States: a 1970 Ford Ranger. The result is as attractive as it is exclusive: his Final price is easily in the field of six figures.

Contrary to what usually happens in this type of exhaustive work, Icon has begun the restoration by creating a completely new chassis for the pick-up, which it shares with the restomods of Icon’s Ford Bronco, from which it also inherits the suspension geometry. Chassis that has been repainted and treated to withstand corrosion, as well as reinforced for off-road use. In its front, instead of the tired six-cylinder engine of the Ranger, a 5.0 V8 “Coyote” engine from a Ford Mustang GT has been installed.

Its change is automatic, and its 4×4 traction with reducer, connectable.

The engine develops 426 hp and is connected to a Ford AOD four-speed torque converter gearbox, which through an Atlas II transfer case, sends power to all four wheels. The undercarriage is at the highest level, with first division parts in the aftermarket world. We are talking about Fox Racing shocks mounted with Eibach springs, Dynatrack ProRock 44 front axleDynaTrack ProRock 66 rear axle, brake discs and calipers signed by Brembo or high-end BF Goodrich off-road tires.


Tires mounted on new ones 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, which imitate the painted sheet metal wheels that the pick-up originally had. The interior has been elevated to the XLT trim of the F100/Ranger, but Icon has added several interesting modern touches. The first is a completely custom upholstery, in addition to having a Vintage Air air conditioning system. Another detail is an electronic analog instrumentation, completely associated with the modern V8 mechanics of the pick-up.

It doesn’t have power windows to maintain the vintage, manual feel of the classic Ranger.

The final result is obvious in the images. This beautiful pick-up can drive with complete reliability anywhere, it is attractive to rage and it will also be the envy of many drivers and motor fans. Of course, you will have to pay for it. Its price has not been published, but based on other Icon works, we estimate it in the around $200,000.

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