The hybrid SUV and cheaper than a diesel that you can buy without waiting for 2023

The hybrid SUV and cheaper than a diesel that you can buy without waiting for 2023

The year is over. And there is no better time than this to continue with the analysis that we have been carrying out in recent weeks to probe the market and see the best new car purchase options, both for those who want to buy a car before the end of the year , as well as for those who are waiting for the news that will arrive in 2023 – which are not few.

We have already told you why the hybrid is the smart purchase at the moment and, without a doubt, it will continue to be so next year. The hybrid is already a more interesting purchase than many diesel cars because of the hydrocarbons market forecasts (the price of diesel is expected to rise), because they are comfortable and reliable and have an ECO label but, above all, because many hybrids have already matched the prices of their diesel alternatives or are even cheaper.

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And that is precisely the premise hybrid, cheaper than a diesel, which we will talk about today. As well as its alternatives.

A cheaper hybrid than a diesel

The model in question is the most economical product of Lexus. The Lexus UX is a well-equipped SUV with a premium approach, with a high quality of finishes and equipment, which is around 4.5 meters in length – 23 centimeters more than a SEAT Ateca – and a hybrid engine with 184 CV of power. It is available in two configurations, with front-wheel drive and with a kind of all-wheel drive that is essentially based on having an electric motor on the rear axle.

The Lexus UX 250h Business part of the €34,350as long as we finance the purchase with Lexus Privilege (its cash price, if we do not finance, is €37,800, which is still a really competitive price).

Its standard equipment already includes 17″ wheels, bi-LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, rear camera and parking guides, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and all the driving aids and security systems of the Lexus Safety package. System +2.

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Diesel and gasoline alternatives

If we look for a high-end SUV we will find that none of its German rivalswhich are around 4.5 meters in length, lower than €39,000 or even €40,000, in their access versions. If we select the most affordable diesel version, the prices of a mercedes glaa bmw x1 or a Audi Q3 diesel are between €41,000 and €44,000.

If what we are looking for is a high-end SUV at a fairly reasonable priceour favorite – besides the Lexus UX – is still the Volvo XC40, which is available with a petrol engine from €29,900.

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