The Honda Civic Type R wants to snatch Renault’s record at the Nürburgring


Misha Charoudin is one of the most well-known personalities in the Green Hell. Her YouTube channel is a reference for fans of the ‘ring and she also participates in various endurance competitions, in addition to testing vehicles on the German track. Ultimately, she is someone to listen to when there are rumors in the Green Hell. And in his last Instagram post, shows us a Honda Civic Type R driving at a high pace during a test session for manufacturers. Everything points to a new record attempt.

Honda has spent years beating the copper with other brands in the Green Hell, always in the unofficial category of front-wheel drive production vehicles. He has had serious fights with SEAT and Renault about it since 2015. Currently, the Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R holds the record in this category, with a meteoric time of 7:45.39. The Honda Civic Type R is 30 hp more powerful than this Renault Mégane, and has already broken records for front-wheel drive vehicles in various circuits, such as the Japanese Suzuka.

It has 330 hp, front-wheel drive and will only be available with a manual transmission. As God commands.

Misha points out that Honda used to show off their lap times at the Geneva Motor Show, but with the demise of that show, we might even know the time of the Civic before Christmas. For brands, these types of actions are extremely attractive in terms of marketing. Although they don’t count the entire movie on an actual use of the vehicle, lap times give “authority” to certain cars in the petrolhead community. And that authority translates into reputation, and at the end of the day, vehicle sales.

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In a few weeks we will know if the Civic Type R will be able to snatch the record from the sportiest Renault Mégane. And in any case, it’s yet another testament to how far modern sports compacts have come in terms of performance and chassis.

Photos of the Honda Civic Type R


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