The highest paid F1 drivers in 2022, according to Forbes

Magazine Forbes just published the list with the 10 highest paid F1 drivers in 2022, this being the most important category in motorsport.

max verstappen Tops the list, the driver who has just won the two-time championship in the competition after a season he dominated from start to finish with Red Bull.

According to Forbes, “Mad Max” win 40 million dollars as basic salary and this year he added another 20 million in bonuses for goals achieved.

The second in the ranking is the British Lewis Hamilton with a basic of 55 million dollars, which was not increased by prizes, since it was not among the top positions.

In third place is Fernando Alonso with 30 million this season, last with Alpine.

It is worth mentioning that sponsorship revenue is excluded from this classification, partly because F1 offers few marketing opportunities compared to other sports. In fact, it is believed that little more than 1 million dollars are collected in this way.

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That said, the premier class players have reason to believe that their paydays will continue to increase in part because F1 continues to grow and because the payment of the salary of the pilots is excluded from the cost limit.

Industry insiders hope that the search for a competitive advantage within the new model will cause driver salaries to skyrocket in the coming years, reports La Tercera.

The 10 F1 drivers who won the most in 2022

  1. Max Verstappen: $60 million
  2. Lewis Hamilton: $55 million
  3. Fernando Alonso: 30 million dollars
  4. Checo Pérez: 26 million dollars
  5. Charles Leclerc: $23 million
  6. Sebastian Vettel: $17 million
  7. Daniel Ricciardo: $17 million
  8. Carlos Sainz: 15 million dollars
  9. Lando Norris: $11 million
  10. George Russell: $10 million

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