The fastest Dodge Vipers on the planet have 3,300 hp (and here you can see them fly)

The Dodge Viper has been one of the most special supercars of all time. Its last generation passed without pain or glory at the commercial level, perhaps because it had become considerably more expensive, remaining halfway between sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the “exotic” European supercars. Be that as it may, it kept its fantastic V10 engine to the end and always stayed true to its original recipe. What you may not know is that Dodge Vipers are truly unbeatable in the world of drag racing.

In the video that accompanies this article, the YouTube channel That Racing Channel interviews the owner of NTH Moto. This company prepares the most radical Dodge Viper on the planet. His creations hold the current record for time and speed in the quarter mile. His preparations raise the displacement of the naturally aspirated V10 engine to 9 liters, which is now supercharged with two huge 88-mm-diameter turbos. Although they reinforce many of its internal components, they maintain the original engine block and cylinder heads.

They do the quarter mile in 6.5 seconds. From 160 km/h to 320 km/h… only four seconds pass.

In their most powerful configurations, these machines have managed to develop 3,300 horsepower and more than 2,700 Nm of maximum torque, transmitted to the rear axle by drag racing tires. Although their change is now sequential and they have all kinds of equipment for acceleration races – such as a braking parachute – these Vipers still retain elements such as speed control or air conditioning. And they’re even road legal! Do not miss the video that we leave you on these lines to see them set fire to the quarter mile.

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