The engine of this Toyota GR Yaris has broken the barrier of 600 hp (+ video)


The Toyota GR Yaris is one of those cars whose philosophy is from days gone by. That a sports utility vehicle with all-wheel drive, manual gearbox and racing heritage has been launched on the market today – it is a homologation special, in a way – is worthy of celebration. The potential in the world of preparations for the Toyota GR Yaris is beginning to emerge, and to show, the GR Yaris that stars in this video. Possibly the most powerful Toyota GR Yaris in the world. And we have your video on a dyno…

The car in question has been prepared by EKanooRacing, a Middle Eastern-based tuner known for building some of the fastest Nissan GT-Rs on the planet for drag racing. This Toyota GR Yaris does not have more than 3,000 CV – as said GT-R – but as standard, with 271 CV in its Middle Eastern version, it is already a very fast car. The preparer would have installed a new larger turbochargeras well as a new intercooler, a new exhaust and a deep electronic reprogramming.

One of EKanooRacing’s GR Yaris has already managed to get under 11 seconds in the quarter mile.

We do not know if there are draft modifications in the injection system or if internal components of the engine have been modified. But we know that in a power bank, this atomic GR Yaris has developed 549 hp at the wheels. The power that we share is usually measured at the crankshaft, and in all-wheel drive cars, you have to expect about 15-20% friction losses. Therefore, we are talking about this Toyota GR Yaris has developed more than 600 CV, and with a significant clearance.

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Photos of the Toyota GR Yaris


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