The DGT has not eliminated the fine for not carrying the card


Driving without the necessary papers can be expensive. There are a series of documents that are mandatory: the card is among them. If you get behind the wheel without it, there is the possibility of receiving a sanction because, despite the news that has emerged these days, The General Directorate of Traffic has not eliminated the fine that punishes drivers who do not carry the license.

Let’s put some context. For a couple of weeks, a piece of news has been circulating that draws attention because affirms that the DGT has eliminated the fine that punishes drivers who circulate without carrying a license to drive over. They also add that it would be enough to show the ID. In diariomotor We have contacted the General Directorate of Traffic and they have confirmed that the sanction is still in force and that the personal identity document, in no case, replaces the permit that accredits us as drivers.

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In physical format or in the application

Precisely, the license is the document that confirms that we have in our possession a permit suitable to drive the vehicle that we have in hand: a motorcycle, a car, a truck, a bus… If we do not take it with us, we will be committing a minor offense punishable by a fine of up to 100 euros.


In our chat with the DGT they explained to us that all drivers must carry the card in physical format or in the MiDGT application, where both the driving license and the circulation license are located. This virtual documentation has the same validity as the physical one, although only within our borders: if we drive in another country (where it is not necessary to carry the international permit), we will have to carry the physical permit.

Nevertheless, From Traffic they recommend taking both options For two reasons. The first of these is that our phone can run out of battery, leaving us undocumented and the second is that some security forces, who are not agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group, may not have the necessary tools (tablets) to read the QR code and verify our electronic card.

driver identification

Therefore, it is clear that all drivers must carry a driver’s license. What if, as a result of oversight, we forget? The truth is that Traffic Agents You can check electronically if we have a valid permit and, even, a driver could get away unscathed if he shows his ID and the driving license. Of course, this does not mean that the fine has disappeared or has been eliminated.

Other fines related to the card

Apart from the penalty associated with driving without a driver’s license, there are other fines related to this document.

If the data is not up to date, the punishment can be 80 euros and if you are timed out, it will be 200 euros without loss of points: remember that you can renew it three months in advance without losing validity time, since the period of five or ten years is calculated with the date that appears on the permit. Y If your license has been withdrawn, the fine will be 500 euros and four points less.


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