The cheap Dacia hybrid, for which it was worth waiting for, is here, reduced by €1,100, with up to 7 seats, and 708 liters of luggage space


For months we have been anticipating the arrival of a hybrid that, to this day, has no rival in the market. It is not an SUV, but it is a minivan with some characteristics of a crossover. It can be configured with 5 and 7 seats and in its arrangement of two rows of seats offer a huge trunk, with a capacity of 708 liters.

Dacia has started the launch of its first cheap hybrid, a Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 which, as we said, aims to position itself as the hybrid that can offer more cargo space in the trunk and 7 seats, with a lower price.

And this month it launches its first promotions, with a discount of €1,100.


The cheap Dacia hybrid reduced €1,100

The Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 has an offer price of €23,350 during the month of February, as long as we finance the purchase. Let’s remember that the Jogger Hybrid 140 had been announced with a list price of €24,450, which is what we will pay for it if we decide to buy it in cash. It is a price far removed from the €16,939 from which the Dacia Jogger starts “non-hybrid”, which is important to remember that it also has an ECO label for having a bifuel LPG engine in its most economical version.

In the financing conditions proposed by Dacia (with the hook of a fee of €8/day or €240/month) the offer price is €23,349.76, with an entry of €5,051.39, an amount to be financed of €19,382. €72, 36 installments of €240 per month and a final installment of €14,841.15. An opening commission of €600.86 (3.1%), TIN of 7.75%, APR of 11.06% is added. At the end of the credit we will have paid €29,133.40 for it (€5,783.64 plus commissions and interest).

The most economical version of this hybrid already includes quite complete equipmenthaving a rear parking sensor as standard, Media Display entertainment system with 8″ screen, electric rear windows and modular roof bars. For €900 more we can have the configuration of three rows of seats and 7 seats, so that the tariff prices (spot) of the Jogger range are as follows:

5 seats7 seats
Hybrid 140 Expression€24,450€25,350
ECO-G 100 Expression€19,550€20,450
TCe 110 Expression€19,550€20,450

Looking for a cheap hybrid

With promotions and discounts, the Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 is €6,911 more expensive than the cheapest Jogger and €4,900 more expensive than a Jogger with an ECO-G engine and ECO label with the same equipment. So, in our opinion, the Jogger ECO-G is still the best option if we are looking for a roomy and economical ECO label.

In any case, worth comparing to some hybrid cars:


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