The Best Spy Shots For The Week Of January 30th

Advertisment1 post spyshots of upcoming vehicles most days and sometimes more often than that. If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on, check out our quick list of development vehicles from last week.

The updated Audi A3 offers new front and rear fascias. Don’t go for the big fog lights for production models. The pieces were for testing in the Arctic Circle where the extra illumination is especially helpful in the frequent darkness.

Audi is also working on an update for the Q8. The front fascia has revised air intakes and a new rear diffuser shape.

Here’s more of the updated Q8, and this shot includes the more aggressive SQ8.

The second-generation Citroen C3 Aircross shows off its boxy style in this spy shot. Reportedly uses Stellantis CMP architecture.

Hyundai didn’t want us to get a good look at the new Santa Fe, and engineers covered the body with panels to hide its shape. The general look is boxy, but we can’t see any precise styling details.

The Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class Convertible will replace the droptop versions of the C- and E-Class. It features a long hood and a sharp windscreen. The taillights have a curved taillight.

This 2008 Peugeot sports a fully concealed tail, and changes appear to include redesigned taillights. The exhaust tip tells us that this is not an EV variant.

The revised Porsche Taycan has a more refined nose and a simplified front bumper with a wide opening. At least in this vehicle, there seems to be no change at the rear.

Outside the United States, the Ram offers pickups smaller than the 1500, and the 1200 is a truck-like vehicle on the way. The company still covers it with a lot of camouflage to hide its true design.

SsangYong Torres fits right in between Korando and Rexton in the lineup of South American brands. This example has an electric powertrain.

The design registration gives us a pretty good idea of ​​how the next-gen Toyota Tacoma looks on the outside, but this spy shot is our first look at the interior. We can only see part of it, but the instrument cluster looks like a digital display.


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