The best-selling car in Spain is once again a Dacia and for €13,640 you get it with an ECO label


Dacia starts the year in style, positioning its reference product as the best-selling car in Spain in January. A milestone that does not surprise us. If we take into account that the Dacia Sandero has been among the best sellers in Spain for years, that it was the second best-selling car last year, only surpassed by the Hyundai Tucson and that it chains its second consecutive month as leader.

But today is also the time to look at the other facet of the Dacia Sandero which, despite being one of the cheapest cars on the market, is also one of the best-selling ECO labeled cars in Spain.

A rising value, that of the ECO label, at a time when new Low Emission Zones are beginning to be announced and, with them, new restrictions that will mainly affect C-labels and older cars. And one of Dacia’s most interesting commercial arguments, which has provided a range of products with an ECO label with which the Dacia-Renault duo dominates the bifuel market.

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A Dacia for €13,640 with an ECO label

To this day the Price of the cheapest Dacia Sandero is €13,040 Y €14,170 if we want the Stepway version. In any case, the cheapest Dacia Sandero is not the one we would recommend, with its 90 hp TCe gasoline engine, but its alternative with an ECO label, a 100 hp Dacia Sandero ECO-G that can run on either LPG or gasoline.

For a difference of €600, with respect to the 90 CV power access engine, we can access a car that, in addition to having an ECO label, offers a lower cost per kilometer, due to the lower prices of refueling LPG compared to the gas.

To this day, half of the Dacia Sanderos sold in Spain are bifuel and therefore have the ECO label. The Dacia Sandero is, in fact, the best-selling LPG car in Spain in January (and it was also last year). If we continue with the registration figures in Spain in January, the Dacia Sandero was also one of the best-selling ECO labels in Spain, only surpassed by two hybrids and one micro-hybrid, the Toyota C-HR, the Toyota Corolla and the Fiat. 500, respectively.

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As we told you, Dacia has a range of cars that get the ECO label thanks to their LPG mechanics. Last year, Dacia and Renault – which share technology – led the LPG car market with the following figures (ANFAC data):

  1. Dacia Sandero: 7,037 registrations
  2. Dacia Jogger: 2,845
  3. Dacia Dusters: 2,133
  4. Renault Clio: 1,142
  5. Renault Capture: 977

As if that were not enough, Dacia is in the process of launching its first hybridof which today We also knew its price with promotions and discounts from €23,350. A Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140 that, in addition to having the ECO label, uses full hybrid mechanics and offers unprecedented space possibilities for any other hybrid in its price range, with a boot capacity of around 700 liters and up to 7 seats. .

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