The best purchase of the month is an Opel, at the price of Dacia, with an offer with very low interest


Even assuming the risk of seeming older than I am and, above all, than I feel, I can’t help but long for those years when there were offers for new cars with financing, and even with multi-option plans, no interest And not only that. These types of promotions were relatively common, really attractive discounts were added, prices much lower than current ones, and the urgency of the offers until the end of the month were nothing more than a commercial claim. Because you knew that the following month they would be there again, again until the end of the month.

Today buying a new car is more complicated and expensive.. Most promotions require finance, often on unfavorable terms. Hence, in our buying guides we always warn about the prices that require financing, the alternative paying in cash and, above all, the financing conditions when it comes to monthly installments. Monthly installments that have become the best commercial claim and that, once again, tend to hide financing plans in leonine conditions, with low installments, and high interest, and often even payment plans. renting to individualswhich are usually not the best option for most customers.

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That is not the case at hand. That of one of the most interesting offers this month, attractive above all for those looking for a cheap car and going to finance it, which makes the Opel Corsa can be purchased at the price of Dacia.

The Opel Corsa is also available in an electric version, which is the version that appears in many images in the gallery.

The best purchase of the month, an Opel at the price of Dacia

€15,600 is the price of the Opel Corsa this month, as long as we finance the purchase, as usual. Its cash starting price is €17,600. The difference in this case is that the financing conditions are much more favorable for the buyer than is usual. Opel proposes a 3.99% TIN and 5.99% APR financing up to €12,000. In the example of consumer credit proposed by the brand, €10,280 is financed, with a down payment of €5,600, a formalization commission of €280 (2.8%), 36 installments of €303.46 and a total price of €16,524. €56. The total cost of the credit would be €924.56 and what we would finally pay for the car with this credit is €16,524.56.

In other words, the 3-year loan would cost us €924.56 (+5.9%) and paying the car in installments would cost us €1,076 less than paying in cash. It goes without saying that, no matter how succulent the offers are, it is not usual for a financed car to cost less than cash. Nor that a credit costs us 5.9% of the offer price of the car. In fact, at the moment the usual thing is that this credit supposes more than 20%, 25%, or even 30%. what the car will cost us.

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The Dacia Sandero is still cheaper, but not much more

The Dacia’s offer this month is a Sandero for €12,040 financing and €13,040 in cash. Dacia disposes proposes a credit of €9,978.58, with 36 installments of €103/month, opening commission of €309.34 (3.1%), entry of €2,401.29, TIN 7.75%, APR 11 15%, last installment of €8,476. These conditions will mean that the final price we pay for the Dacia Sandero will be €14,894.63 (23.7% more).

  • With the proposed financing plans, at the end of the credit the Dacia Sandero will cost us €1,629.93 less than the Opel Corsa
  • If we are not going to finance the purchase, it is true that the price difference in favor of the Dacia Sandero is greater, costing €4,560 less than the Opel Corsa paying in cash
  • The base Dacia Sandero is somewhat more powerful, with 90 hp, than the more basic Opel Corsa, which uses a 75 hp engine.
  • Very important: the Dacia Sandero on offer is a C label with a 90 CV gasoline engine, but for only €600 more we can configure it with a bifuel LPG mechanic, with which it has an ECO label. For this fact alone, the Dacia Sandero could already be worthwhile, which would still be €1,000 cheaper than the Corsa
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Images of the Opel Corsa:

Images of the Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway:


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