The 2023 Toyota Prius becomes a powerful plug-in hybrid

The 2023 Toyota Prius becomes a powerful plug-in hybrid

25 years ago, Toyota launched its first mass-produced hybrid: the Toyota Prius. Two and a half decades in which it has become the best-known hybrid in the C segment. Now, in 2022, the Japanese brand presents the fifth generation with which It ceases to be an inexpressive hybrid to become a powerful plug-in hybrid. This is the Toyota Prius 2023, It will arrive next spring.

The first Toyota Prius did not have a very flattering design: it was in 2003 when it became somewhat more attractive, but, over time, it has continued to have a line, for many, insipid. The arrival of the Toyota Auris and, later, the Toyota Corolla did not help with this disappointment. To give a new life to the Toyota Prius 2023, the Japanese have broken with what has been known so far.

Exterior design of the Toyota Prius 2023

The fifth generation of the Toyota Prius sits on the platform TNGA GA-C, that Toyota reserves for its compact models: with this decision they have been able reduce vehicle weight and increase rigidity.

A change that, indeed, has its consequences in the measurements of the Toyota Prius 2023. It is a vehicle higher (1.42 meters: gains five centimeters compared to the previous model), shorter (4.60 meters: lose 4.6 centimeters) and is 2.2 centimeters wider. The wheelbase is also five centimeters longer compared to the previous generation: 2.75 meters.

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With the 2023 Toyota Prius, the designers have gone for the basics, prioritizing aerodynamics. The lines have been modernized, although the iconic wedge shape is maintained that came with the second generation. The rather flat front windshield flows smoothly into a bonnet that slopes down to a new front: its shape is reminiscent of a hammer, and in it it is possible to recognize the aesthetic language of the new Toyota model family. The front headlights, with LED technology, have a ‘C’ shape: something that makes the difference with the rear.

To get to it we have to go through the profile of the 2023 Toyota Prius, where the rear door handles are hidden in the C-pillar. The wheel arches that, under those black edges that create a subtle crossed effect, house some wheels that can be up to 19 inches and contribute to energize the general line of the car.

The roof line sports a pronounced slope that ends at the rear window, which is practically flat and loses the small additional window. She is in charge of giving way to a completely vertical area, which does follow the aesthetic tradition of the Toyota Prius. The taillights have been replaced by a horizontal stripe and the vehicle’s name now appears in the center of the tailgate.

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2023 Toyota Prius interior

Things also change in the new interior of the 2023 Toyota Prius, where Toyota has taken special care in the materials chosen to raise the level of perceived quality. With the design they have sought to be less intrusive in the driver’s field of vision: the digital instrument cluster is now seven inches tall and, like the Toyota bZ4X, rises above the steering wheel. In this way, the driver has the information he needs constantly in front of him.

The protagonist of the center console is a floating screen that, this time, changes position: Toyota recovers the 16:9 horizontal format and it is accompanied by a few physical buttons. It is striking that the 2023 Toyota Prius retains the gear lever, located in the central tunnel. On the passenger side, the dashboard sports a light strip that changes color according to situations detected by the Toyota Safety Sense and can also issue alerts.

Toyota Prius 2023: It is now a plug-in hybrid

One of the most notable changes of the Toyota Prius 2023 resides in its mechanical section: launches plug-in hybrid engine. The 1.8 gasoline gives way to a 2.0 with 148 hp, which is now associated with an electric one with 160 horsepower. A union that It raises the combined power to 223 CV compared to the previous 120 CV. Yes, the new Toyota Prius is almost twice as powerful as its predecessor.

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his partner is a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery (the previous one had a capacity of 8.8 kWh), which changes location: it goes from the trunk to be under the rear seat. The tank has also changed its position in order to lower the center of gravity. Toyota has not communicated, yet, the autonomy, but it has ensured that, at least, it will double that of the previous model (50 kilometers). Its recharging can be carried out, optionally, through the photovoltaic cells integrated into the roof of the car.

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