The 20 essential tools for an auto mechanic


Every automotive mechanical workshop must have a wide range and have knowledge of the best machine tool brands to perform efficient repair tasks and vehicle maintenance. Here we will show you the 20 essential tools for any mechanic.

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Before buying, it is good to see the best-selling tools for auto mechanics, if they are selling well it is because they are fulfilling their function, the mechanics who buy them are recommending them and they are giving a good rating.

Having adequate and quality tools is essential to work efficiently in any auto mechanic shop.

Below you will learn the key tools to solve, like an expert, any car failure:

20 Essential Tools Mechanics Must Have

1.- Impact wrench

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If you are an expert in mechanics, you know that you cannot miss an impact wrench. Both for tires and other vehicle parts, This tool is ideal for getting the job done quickly and effortlessly.

It is important to note that this valuable tool is a pneumatic wrench designed to deliver high torque with minimal effort on the part of the user.

What you should know:

  • It is a tool that transforms the impacts of an internal hammer into a rotational movement
  • Generally used to tighten or loosen nuts

2.- Air ratchet

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Another tool that cannot be missing from this list is the air ratchet.. This tool is also known as air ratchet torque wrenches, they are popular and useful tools for tightening and loosening bolts. It is worth mentioning that pneumatic ratchets take advantage of the force of high pressure gas and convert it into a powerful but controlled torque.

  • Make sure the lines are fully engaged before squeezing the trigger. Because if they aren’t, this ratchet is powerful enough to drive a cross-thread bolt all the way into

3.- Flexible head ratchet

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For many mechanical experts, one of the tools that cannot be missing from this list is the flexible head ratchet. The ultra-thin head allows you to get into tight spaces, and the flex feature allows you to rotate the handle for maximum leverage to loosen fasteners and spark plugs.

  • Large plastic handle allows more force to be put on the “brake”

4.- Automotive stethoscope

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Another tool that definitely cannot be missing from this list is the automotive stethoscope. Many prefer it because it helps to fix strange noises, those that definitely cause a lot of concern.

This tool is used to listen and track noises found within an engine. Keep in mind that interior engine noises can be quite difficult to hear using just your ears. The mechanic’s stethoscope has sensitive headphones that pick up the slightest valve vibration.

5.- Extension bar

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Another of the tools that you cannot miss is an extension bar. When we refer to it, we are talking about a long and generally solid piece of metal pipe that allows the user to extend the reach of a socket wrench up to 12 inches or more.

These tools are used by mechanics and other related professionswhich must loosen stiff or rusty bolts and work in tight spaces, such as engine compartments.

6.- High torque pneumatic wrench

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A high torque tire wrench, is a pneumatic impact wrench designed to deliver high torque with minimal effort on the part of the user.

This tool stores energy in a rotating mass, accelerated by the motor, to then deliver it to the output shaft (the anvil), creating a high-torque impact.

What you should know:

  • You can buy an inexpensive impact wrench for less than $100

7.- Vacuum pump

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Vacuum pump works to test your vacuum controlled sensors and motors. Vacuum pumps are used in cars where the necessary vacuum cannot be generated in the intake pipe.

This tool works similar to a compressor, although it has the valves reversed, so it’s designed to suck air in rather than expel it.

8.- Battery carrier

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This tool is here to make your life much easier. This tool will help you transport a battery in a quite simple and safe way.

We remind you that these high-quality devices are designed to make it easier for the person to lift and carry the battery.

10.- Pliers

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Many experts consider that these tools are necessary to tighten something or cut a small cable that rubs.

Pliers are also used to tighten and fix screws, although that is not their regular function. The pliers is that workhorse capable of taking on many tasks.

11.- Flexible ratchet with curved handle

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Flex ratchets are tools that allow you to get into tight places and still get the leverage you need to break bolts.

With it, you can also easily access hard-to-reach fasteners from virtually any angle.

12.- Ratchet extender

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When you’re working in areas like engine compartments, sometimes you just can’t get the socket in the tight spots, which is why it’s so important to have a ratchet extender.

13.- Hood light

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Illuminate the entire engine bay with the hood light. Many fit on the hoods of cars and trucks.

14.- Screwdrivers with hexagonal reinforcements

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We begin this section by remembering that screwdrivers are very common and necessary hand tools in the toolbox. Its function is to tighten and loosen screws, which is widely used both at home and at a professional level.

Note that to use it is quite simple, you have to slide a wrench down the shaft of the screwdriver and over the head. Then, push the tip of the screwdriver into the head of the screw and lean over as you turn the screwdriver with the wrench. The inward tilt will keep the screwdriver tip seated in the head, while the wrench gives you more leverage.

15.- Air tool holder

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Mechanics experts assure that with this tool holder your life will be complete. With it you will keep all air tools organized and clean.

16.- Pneumatic hammer with quick change chuck

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In this section it should be noted that this jackhammer is a compressed air drilling tool used in construction.

This tool works by driving an internal hammer up and down. The hammer first moves down and then back to return the hammer to the original position to repeat the cycle.

17.- Flexible funnel

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This funnel is ideal if you do the oil change yourself. This particular one bends, shapes, and flexes so you can channel oil right into your drain pan.

18.- Screw pitch gauge

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You can find this tool on the market as a screw pitch gauge or rock gauge.

This is an invaluable tool used to measure the thread pitch of a screw.

19.- Picks

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Lock picks cannot be missing from this list. When we talk about these tools, we are referring to a lock pick set.

This set comes with all the tools and accessories needed to manually open car doors if you don’t have the right key.

20.- Finger ratchet for narrow places

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The fine-tooth ratcheting mechanism allows you to twist back for another bite, without re-seating the screw. You won’t use this tool often, but it’s important to have in the box.

21.- Spark plug pliers

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In this list we cannot leave out these valuable tools. We emphasize that they allow a firm hold of the spark plug cover without breaking it.

Slide it over the top of the boot near the cable and secure. This will apply force to the metal clip inside the boot. Then turn and shoot. No more boots or broken cables.


In this list you saw the most important basic, manual and mechanical tools that every mechanical workshop should have to solve any problem that their clients’ cars present.

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