Test of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2023, are we facing the best SUV on the market?

Test of the Ford Ranger Raptor 2023, are we facing the best SUV on the market?

One of the most anticipated SUVs of the moment finally arrives at Diariomotor. We talk about the new ford ranger raptor, the second generation of this hyper-vitaminated pick-up where improvements and modifications are not spared to provide it with 4×4 capabilities well above the average. We have already tested it, and we have also done it thoroughly in a 4×4 circuit, so The time has come to discover if the new Ford Ranger Raptor is a serious candidate for the best SUV on the market.

This Ranger Raptor’s off-road capabilities speak for themselves. This is a pick-up that, in addition to offering a 272 mm ground clearance (even so, 11 mm lower than the previous Raptor), it can also support wadings of up to 850 mm and has more than remarkable dimensions with a 32º angle of attack, 24º ventral angle and 27º departure angle. As standard, they are also installed 4×4 tires in size 33″ on 17″ rim and a 4×4 traction system equipped with locks for the front and rear differentialsbeing accompanied by effective traction control capable of offering different driving modes to adapt traction to any grip condition.

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Furthermore, this new evolution of the Ranger Raptor also receives important improvements in its chassis, which has been widened in both ways, reinforced to better withstand abuse and up to 709 kg of cargo that can be carried by its rear boxin addition to making use of a new piloted suspension scheme signed by Fox Racing. And as the icing on the cake, there is a gasoline propellant hitherto unprecedented in Europe, a 3.0 V6 EcoBoost with 288 PS and 491 Nm that allow a notable leap in performance compared to the previous Raptor. The transmission for its part is the automatic gearbox of 10 relations by torque converter already known in Ford, although adapted to the possibilities of this Raptor.

For sale in Spain from 66,340 eurosThere is no doubt that the Ford Ranger Raptor is not a cheap or even affordable vehicle, but once you see the video test that my colleague Juanma García has prepared, you will be able to verify that in reality we are facing a 4×4 without rival in the market, since no other SUV offers more for less money in Europe.

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