Tesla Supercharger Wisconsin: Empowering Your Wisconsin Road Trips!


Wisconsin, known for its stunning natural beauty and charming cities, is a perfect destination for road trips. Exploring this picturesque state has become even more convenient and exciting with the introduction of Tesla Superchargers. These high-speed charging stations are strategically located throughout Wisconsin, ensuring that Tesla owners can effortlessly explore all corners of the state without worrying about their electric vehicle’s battery life.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Tesla Supercharger stations in Wisconsin, providing you with all the information you need to plan the ultimate road trip. From the benefits of using Tesla Superchargers to the locations and amenities available at each station, we have got you covered!

The Advantages of Tesla Superchargers

When it comes to road tripping in Wisconsin with your Tesla, utilizing Tesla Superchargers brings numerous advantages that enhance your overall experience. Firstly, Tesla Superchargers provide significantly faster charging times compared to other charging options. With their high-speed capabilities, you can recharge your Tesla’s battery to 80% in just 30 minutes, allowing you to minimize downtime and maximize your time exploring Wisconsin’s attractions.


In addition to faster charging times, Tesla Superchargers are also cost-effective. While some charging stations may charge a fee for their services, Tesla Superchargers are free to use for Tesla owners. This not only saves you money on charging fees but also contributes to the overall cost savings of owning an electric vehicle.

Another advantage of Tesla Superchargers is their contribution to environmental sustainability. As Tesla vehicles are fully electric, utilizing Superchargers means you are driving without emitting harmful greenhouse gases. By choosing to road trip in Wisconsin with a Tesla and utilizing Superchargers, you are actively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the natural beauty of the state.

Efficiency and Speed

Tesla Superchargers are designed to provide maximum efficiency and speed when it comes to charging your Tesla. The charging stations utilize advanced technology to deliver a high-powered charge to your vehicle, ensuring that you can quickly get back on the road and continue your journey. With the ability to charge up to 170 miles in just 30 minutes, you can cover significant distances without worrying about running out of battery.

Cost Savings

Aside from the convenience and speed, utilizing Tesla Superchargers also offers significant cost savings. While some charging stations may charge a fee per kilowatt-hour for charging services, Tesla Superchargers are completely free to use for Tesla owners. This means you can recharge your vehicle’s battery without any additional costs, allowing you to allocate your travel budget to other aspects of your road trip, such as accommodations or attractions.


One of the fundamental principles of Tesla as a company is sustainability, and this is reflected in their Supercharger network. By utilizing Tesla Superchargers, you are actively reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Tesla vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, meaning your road trip through Wisconsin will have a minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, Tesla Superchargers are powered by renewable energy sources whenever possible, ensuring that your charging experience aligns with Tesla’s commitment to sustainability.

Planning Your Tesla Road Trip in Wisconsin

Now that you understand the advantages of utilizing Tesla Superchargers, it’s time to plan your ultimate road trip in Wisconsin. Proper planning ensures that you make the most of your journey, taking in all the breathtaking sights and experiences this state has to offer. Here are some key factors to consider when planning your Tesla road trip:

Mapping Out Your Route

The first step in planning your Tesla road trip in Wisconsin is to map out your route. Consider the destinations you want to visit and the attractions you want to experience along the way. Wisconsin offers a diverse range of landscapes, from stunning lakeshores to rolling hills, and vibrant cities to quaint small towns. Take the time to research and create an itinerary that allows you to explore the best of what Wisconsin has to offer.

Estimating Charging Times

As you plan your route, it’s essential to estimate the charging times required to reach each destination. Tesla Superchargers are strategically located throughout Wisconsin, ensuring that you have convenient access to charging stations when needed. Take into account the distance between Supercharger stations and plan your stops accordingly. It’s advisable to aim for a charge level of around 80% before embarking on longer stretches between charging locations.

Exploring Scenic Routes

Wisconsin is known for its picturesque landscapes and scenic routes, making it an ideal state for road trips. As you plan your Tesla road trip, consider incorporating some of these scenic routes into your itinerary. From the stunning Lake Michigan Circle Tour to the scenic drives through the Kettle Moraine State Forest, these routes will add an extra layer of beauty to your journey. Research the best scenic routes in Wisconsin and tailor your itinerary accordingly.

Identifying Accommodation Options

While planning your Tesla road trip, it’s important to identify accommodation options that provide charging facilities or are conveniently located near Tesla Superchargers. Many hotels and accommodations now offer electric vehicle charging stations, including Tesla-specific chargers. By choosing accommodation with charging facilities, you can ensure that your Tesla is fully charged and ready to go each morning.

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Researching Attractions and Activities

Part of the joy of road tripping in Wisconsin is discovering the unique attractions and activities the state has to offer. Research and identify the top attractions along your route, including national parks, museums, historical sites, and outdoor activities. By planning your stops and activities in advance, you can make the most of your time and ensure that you don’t miss any hidden gems along the way.

Tesla Supercharger Locations in Northern Wisconsin

When road tripping in Northern Wisconsin, you’ll find several Tesla Supercharger stations that will keep your vehicle powered up and ready for the next leg of your adventure. Let’s explore some of the key Supercharger locations in this region:

Milwaukee Supercharger

The Milwaukee Supercharger is conveniently located in the heart of Milwaukee, making it an ideal starting point for your Northern Wisconsin road trip. Situated near major highways and popular attractions, this Supercharger offers 12 charging stalls and provides easy access to explore the city’s vibrant culture, historic sites, and delicious dining options.

Green Bay Supercharger

As you venture north from Milwaukee, the Green Bay Supercharger awaits you. Located in the city of Green Bay, this Supercharger boasts 8 charging stalls and is conveniently situated near Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in football history while your Tesla charges up for the next leg of your journey.

Door County Supercharger

The Door County Supercharger is a must-stop location for any road trip through Northern Wisconsin. Located in Sturgeon Bay, this Supercharger provides 8 charging stalls and is perfectly positioned to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of the Door County peninsula. From scenic drives along the coast to picturesque lighthouses, Door County offers an abundance of attractions to discover.

Eau Claire Supercharger

Continuing westward, the Eau Claire Supercharger is an ideal stop for charging and relaxation. With its 8 charging stalls, this Supercharger is conveniently located near downtown Eau Claire, allowing you to explore the city’s vibrant arts scene, local breweries, and charming riverfront. Recharge your Tesla and immerse yourself in the cultural offerings of Eau Claire.

Superior Supercharger

As you approach the shores of Lake Superior, the Superior Supercharger awaits you in the city of Superior. With 8 charging stalls, this Supercharger is perfectly situated near the shores of the lake, offering breathtaking views and access to outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. Take a moment to recharge your Tesla and soak in the beauty of Lake Superior.

Tesla Supercharger Locations in Southern Wisconsin

Southern Wisconsin is home to a multitude of Tesla Supercharger stations that will keep you charged and ready to explore the charms of this region. Let’s explore some of the key Supercharger locations in Southern Wisconsin:

Madison Supercharger

The Madison Supercharger is a convenient starting point for your road trip through Southern Wisconsin. With 12 charging stalls, this Supercharger is located near Madison’s bustling downtown area, allowing you to explore the city’s vibrant food scene, cultural attractions, and beautiful lakes. Recharge your Tesla and immerse yourself in the capital city’s charm.

Wisconsin Dells Supercharger

As you venture north from Madison, the Wisconsin Dells Supercharger awaits you. With 12 charging stalls, this Supercharger is perfectly positioned near the Wisconsin Dells, a popular tourist destination known for its water parks, scenic beauty, and outdoor activities. Take the opportunity to recharge your Tesla while indulging in the excitement of the Dells.

Milwaukee Supercharger

The Milwaukee Supercharger, mentioned earlier as a key location in Northern Wisconsin, also serves as a significant Supercharger station for Southern Wisconsin. Situated near major highways and offering 12 charging stalls, this Supercharger allows you to recharge your Tesla before continuing your journey south or exploring the attractionsof Milwaukee, such as the Milwaukee Art Museum, Harley-Davidson Museum, and the vibrant Third Ward district.

Lake Geneva Supercharger

As you travel westward from Milwaukee, the Lake Geneva Supercharger provides a convenient stop for charging and relaxation. With 8 charging stalls, this Supercharger is located near the charming town of Lake Geneva, known for its beautiful lakefront, historic mansions, and boutique shops. Take the opportunity to recharge your Tesla while enjoying the scenic beauty of Lake Geneva.

Janesville Supercharger

Continuing west, the Janesville Supercharger is an ideal location for recharging your Tesla before exploring the attractions of Janesville. With 8 charging stalls, this Supercharger is conveniently situated near downtown Janesville, offering access to the city’s charming riverfront, parks, and historic sites. Take a break, recharge your Tesla, and discover the hidden gems of Janesville.

La Crosse Supercharger

As you approach the western border of Wisconsin, the La Crosse Supercharger awaits you in the city of La Crosse. With 12 charging stalls, this Supercharger is perfectly positioned near the beautiful Mississippi River and the bluffs of the Driftless Area. Take a moment to recharge your Tesla and explore the natural wonders of La Crosse, including hiking trails, river cruises, and scenic overlooks.

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Top Attractions Along the Tesla Supercharger Route

When road tripping through Wisconsin using Tesla Superchargers, you’ll encounter a plethora of attractions that will make your journey even more memorable. Here are some top attractions along the Tesla Supercharger route:

Devil’s Lake State Park

Located near the Baraboo Hills and the Wisconsin Dells, Devil’s Lake State Park is a must-visit attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. This stunning park offers hiking trails, rock climbing opportunities, and a pristine lake for swimming and kayaking. Take a break from your road trip, recharge your Tesla at the nearby Supercharger, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Devil’s Lake State Park.

Door County Peninsula

The Door County Peninsula, located in Northeastern Wisconsin, is a charming destination known for its picturesque landscapes and charming coastal towns. Explore the quaint shops and art galleries of Fish Creek, visit the iconic Cana Island Lighthouse, and indulge in delicious cherry pie, a regional specialty. With several Supercharger stations conveniently located throughout Door County, you can easily recharge your Tesla while experiencing the unique charm of this peninsula.

Lake Geneva

With its crystal-clear lake, historic mansions, and beautiful shoreline, Lake Geneva is a popular destination for relaxation and recreation. Take a boat tour around the lake, explore the scenic lakeshore path, or indulge in water sports such as paddleboarding and jet skiing. Recharge your Tesla at the nearby Supercharger and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Lake Geneva.

Wisconsin State Capitol

Located in Madison, the Wisconsin State Capitol is a stunning architectural marvel that should not be missed. Take a guided tour of the capitol building, explore the beautiful grounds, and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the observation deck. With a Supercharger conveniently located in Madison, you can recharge your Tesla while immersing yourself in the history and grandeur of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

For a scenic and breathtaking drive, embark on the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. This route takes you along the shores of Lake Michigan, passing through charming towns, state parks, and stunning beaches. Stop at iconic lighthouses, enjoy picturesque sunsets, and experience the beauty of the Great Lakes. With multiple Supercharger locations along the route, you can recharge your Tesla while taking in the splendor of the Lake Michigan coastline.

Tesla Supercharger Amenities and Services

When utilizing Tesla Supercharger stations in Wisconsin, you can expect a range of amenities and services that enhance your charging experience. Here are some common amenities and services you can find at Tesla Supercharger stations:


Many Tesla Supercharger stations are equipped with clean and accessible restrooms, allowing you to freshen up during your road trip. Take a quick break, use the facilities, and continue your journey feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dining Options

Some Supercharger stations are located near or within close proximity to dining options, providing you with the opportunity to grab a meal or a quick snack while your Tesla charges. Whether it’s a sit-down restaurant, a fast-food chain, or a local cafe, you can satisfy your hunger and recharge both yourself and your vehicle.

Shopping Opportunities

In certain Supercharger locations, you may find shopping opportunities nearby. Browse through local shops, boutiques, or convenience stores to pick up any essentials or souvenirs for your road trip. Take a leisurely stroll and explore the surrounding area while your Tesla charges.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Tesla Supercharger stations often provide complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected and productive while your Tesla charges. Catch up on emails, browse the internet, or stream your favorite content, all while ensuring that your vehicle’s battery is replenished.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Some Supercharger stations feature outdoor seating areas, providing a comfortable and pleasant space for you to relax while your Tesla charges. Enjoy the fresh air, soak in the surroundings, and take a moment to unwind before continuing your road trip.

Tips for Maximizing Your Tesla’s Range

While Tesla Superchargers provide fast and convenient charging, there are several tips and tricks you can employ to maximize your Tesla’s range and optimize your road trip experience:

Utilize Regenerative Braking

Take advantage of your Tesla’s regenerative braking feature, which helps recharge the battery while you decelerate or brake. By allowing the vehicle to recover energy during these moments, you can extend your Tesla’s range and reduce the frequency of charging stops.

Plan Efficient Routes

When mapping out your road trip itinerary, consider planning efficient routes that minimize unnecessary detours and maximize the use of Supercharger locations. By optimizing your routes, you can ensure that charging stops align with strategic points along your journey, reducing overall travel time and maximizing range.

Optimize Driving Habits

Certain driving habits can impact your Tesla’s range. To maximize efficiency, consider driving at moderate speeds, avoiding rapid acceleration or excessive idling. Additionally, pre-conditioning your Tesla’s cabin temperature while it is still connected to a Supercharger can reduce the energy required for heating or cooling during your drive.

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Monitor Energy Usage

Keep a close eye on your Tesla’s energy usage and range. Familiarize yourself with the energy consumption of different features, such as climate control or entertainment systems, and adjust settings accordingly to optimize range. By actively monitoring energy usage, you can make informed decisions that help conserve energy and extend your Tesla’s range.

Charging Protocols and Etiquette at Tesla Superchargers

When using Tesla Superchargers in Wisconsin, it’s important to adhere to charging protocols and practice proper etiquette to ensure a smooth and respectful charging experience for all Tesla owners. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Be Mindful of Charging Time

While Superchargers provide fast charging, it’s essential to be mindful of charging time and avoid unnecessary delays. Once your Tesla has reached an adequate charge level, relocate your vehicle to allow others to access the charging stall. This ensures that all Tesla owners have fair and timely access to the Supercharger stations.

Keep Charging Cables Neat and Tidy

When charging your Tesla, make sure to keep the charging cables neat and tidy to avoid any trip hazards or inconvenience for other users. Return the charging cable to its designated holder or properly stow it in your vehicle after use. This helps maintain a clean and organized Supercharger station for all users.

Respect Reserved Stalls

In certain Supercharger locations, there may be reserved stalls designated for specific purposes, such as accessible parking or Tesla service vehicles. It is important to respect these reserved stalls and avoid parking in them unless you meet the designated criteria. This ensures that the Supercharger station remains accessible and functional for all users.

Report Issues or Malfunctions

If you encounter any issues or malfunctions with a Tesla Supercharger, report it to Tesla immediately. This helps ensure that the charging infrastructure remains in optimal condition for all Tesla owners. Reporting any concerns also allows Tesla to address and resolve the issue promptly, ensuring a seamless charging experience for future users.

Alternative Charging Options in Wisconsin

While Tesla Superchargers provide the most convenient and efficient charging option for Tesla owners, there are alternative charging options available in Wisconsin. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Tesla Destination Chargers

Tesla Destination Chargers are slower charging stations typically located at hotels, resorts, or other destinations. These chargers provide overnight charging options for Tesla owners, allowing you to start each day with a fully charged vehicle. Research and identify accommodations or destinations that offer Tesla Destination Chargers alongyour planned route in Wisconsin.

Public Charging Stations

Public charging stations are another alternative for charging your Tesla in Wisconsin. These stations can be found in various locations, such as parking garages, shopping centers, and rest areas. While these stations may not offer the same fast charging speeds as Tesla Superchargers, they can still provide a reliable option for topping up your battery during longer stops or overnight stays.

Home Charging Stations

If you have access to a garage or dedicated parking space, installing a home charging station can be a convenient and reliable option for charging your Tesla. Home charging stations offer the convenience of charging overnight, ensuring that your vehicle is fully charged and ready for your daily adventures. Consult with a qualified electrician to determine the best charging solution for your home.

Future Expansion of Tesla Superchargers in Wisconsin

Tesla is constantly expanding its Supercharger network, and the future looks promising for Wisconsin. As Tesla continues to increase its presence in the state, more Supercharger stations are expected to be added, providing even greater coverage and convenience for Tesla owners. Keep an eye out for announcements and updates from Tesla as they unveil new Supercharger locations in Wisconsin.

With each expansion, Tesla Superchargers will empower even more road trips in Wisconsin, allowing Tesla owners to explore the state with ease and peace of mind. The ongoing commitment to sustainability and the convenience of the Supercharger network make Tesla an attractive option for eco-conscious travelers and adventure seekers alike.

As you plan your road trip through Wisconsin, embrace the freedom and excitement that comes with driving a Tesla and utilizing the Supercharger network. Immerse yourself in the state’s stunning natural beauty, explore its charming cities, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Wisconsin, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, awaits your Tesla-powered road trip. Start your engines and embark on a journey like no other with Tesla Superchargers in Wisconsin!

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