Take note, because these are the 10 car brands that will make you visit the workshop the least


Reliability is one of the most important characteristics that we can look for in a car and therefore it is vital to know how reliable a car manufacturer is to avoid serious headaches and holes in the checking account. For this reason, if you want to avoid having to visit your mechanic more than necessary, you should take good note of which ones are the 10 most reliable car brands in these moments and What are the most common problems that force us to go through the workshop.

From the hands of JD Power, one of the most recognized consultancies in the analysis of the reliability of car brands in the United States, we find the latest study carried out in terms of reliability. This analysis measures the number of incidents recorded per 100 vehiclesfocusing on cars up to 3 years old (from 2020 onwards) and for a period of 12 months.

Problems in infotainment systems are the most common, far ahead of any other component in the car

And the result is extremely interesting, discovering that the measure of problems registered in a total of 32 brands examined stands at 186 incidents for each vehicle analyzed (186 pp). In this study, different categories are taken into account, ranging from mechanical problems to multimedia systems, through bodywork, air conditioning, seats or driving assistance. And as expected, breakdowns related to infotainment systems have become the most common problems with 49.9 pp and in the reason that most forces us to go through the workshop, far exceeding the rest of the categories examined.

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The 10 most reliable car brands in 2023

So things, JD Power’s reliability ranking for this 2023 would be as follows with the 10 most reliable car brands: 1st Lexus (133 pp), 2nd Genesis (144 pp), 3rd Kia (152 pp), 4th Buick (159 pp), 5th Chevrolet (162 pp), 6th Mitsubishi (167 pp), 7th Toyota (168 pp), 8th Hyundai (170 pp), 9th MINI (170 pp) and 10th Nissan (170 pp).

This study also reveals a clear difference between premium and general brands, since premium brands register more incidents in sections such as infotainment or driving assistance, precisely due to the greater technological load that their cars have. Premium brands register an average of 205 pp, while generalists remain at 182 pp.

The 10 least reliable car brands in 2023

The most reliable car brand according to JD Power is Lexus, while the least reliable is Land Rover

And finally, it’s time to talk about the 10 least reliable brands in 2023 according to this study by JD Power, ordered according to the number of registered breakdowns: 1st Land Rover (273 pp), 2nd Lincoln (259 pp), 3rd Audi (252 pp), 4th Ford (249 pp), 5th Tesla (242 pp) , 6th Mercedes-Benz (240 pp), 7th Jaguar (229 pp), 8th Chrysler (226 pp), Volkswagen (216 pp) and Volvo (215 pp).

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Source: JD Power


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