Suzuki will make our prayers come true, Europe will have an affordable electric SUV


The future of the Suzuki Jimny looks increasingly promising. After the launch of the new 5-door version and the upcoming arrival of a micro-hybrid engine, we have now been able to learn that the first electric Jimny is on the way. Suzuki wants to keep the Jimny philosophy alive no matter what, which is why before 2030 we will see a new generation of this popular SUV arrive in Europe Defending the same approach where we find simplicity, efficiency and outstanding off-road performance.

After presenting the Suzuki eVX as a first preview of what the future of the brand will be like in the coming years, the japanese manufacturer has just announced its electrification plans between now and 2030. Although in this presentation the plans for markets such as Japan, India or Africa have been communicated, we will focus on the Suzuki plans for Europe, unveiling a total of 5 new cars.

In this plan we must underline Suzuki’s intention to achieve by 2030 a range made up of 80% fully electric vehicles and the remaining 20% ​​hybrid vehicles. We are therefore talking about a clear commitment to electrification that will materialize with the arrival of 100% electric cars and versions, especially highlighting the launch of an electric Suzuki Jimny.

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For the moment Suzuki has been very sparing in details, discovering only an infographic where the silhouette of this electric Jimny can be seen. However, if we take into account the brand’s plans for Europe, Suzuki’s goal is to electrify the Jimny without altering its philosophy, making the leap to the electric motor in such a way that it can continue to be a simple, economical, but above all effective SUV. In the 4×4 segment, more and more brands are being encouraged to launch hybrid or electric engines, so Suzuki’s maneuver was vital to be able to continue marketing the Jimny in Europe.

Yes indeed, Before seeing the electric Suzuki Jimny on the streets, everything indicates that we will see a new version animated by a microhybrid gasoline engine. Although there is little hope, the launch of the 5-door Jimny in Europe could take place together with this mechanics, an extremely important novelty to be sold again as tourism, lowering the model’s emissions and allowing a gain in performance.

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