SPAIN – Strike called by the Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector has just been “called off” a day later

The Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector withdrew the strike that had been called a few days.

Transport strike disintegrates

The indefinite employer strike called by the Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector has just finished a day and a half of its call.

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It started with the Transport Chain Law approved and in force. A strike that has hardly been noticed.

The platform indicated that the bases and partners of the different provinces would meet to decide on new actions.

So today, Tuesday, it was called to stop the strike. The previous strike was active between March 14 and April 1.


The Platform indicated that today the carriers who were unemployed received “inconceivable persecution, harassment and coercion by different authorities.”

prior to this «a relentless campaign of harassment and demolition by shippers, associations of the national transport committee, government unions, some media and a specific political party, to intentionally try to discredit everything possible and impossible the mobilizations announced by Platform» .

The Platform said that the shippers used as “legal weapon” contracts that oblige carriers to provide service, so the strike was called off.

“How could it be otherwise, Platform is not going to expose its people to a panorama like the one detailed.”

They protested due to the lack of control to fulfill the Transport Chain Law, pick up in the Royal decree law 14/2022which entered into force on August 1, which guarantees that work is not lost, together with what is established in the RDL 3/2022 from March 1.

The Government has not complied with the provisions, so they request that the Transport Chain Law: greater control by the Executive, fair prices by shippers and fines of up to 90,000 euros for those who do not comply. Demand established in a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Rachel Sanchez.

Platform said that between 7,000 and 8,000 protesters gathered, including truckers, ranchers or farmers. The National Police indicated that some 1,500 attended and the Madrid Government Delegation noted that 800 people.

the minister of Transportation, Raquel Sanchez, indicated that they were working to avoid the March situation. 50,000 agents, they’re deployed.

Platform did not find allies in the organizations that make up the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC).

Fenadismer (the second with more representation with 26.2%), Fetransa (9.27%) and Feintra (3.93%), three associations and the remaining two that make up the CNTC, They refused to join the protests.

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