SPAIN – Organization dedicated to transporting drugs in false company cars, is dismantled by the Civil Guard

The Civil Guard Spanish dismantles a gang that transported drugs in vehicles belonging to false companies.

Dismantled drug trafficking gang by the Civil Guard

The Civil Guard finished with the marking operation arresting 14 people who were part of a drug trafficking organization in fake company cars.

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After the investigation, 9.5 kilos of cocaine, almost a kilo of amphetamine, more than half a kilo of heroin and almost 250,000 euros in cash were seized.

The marking operation began in the month of February of this year when the Civil Guard stop a car that was carrying a large amount of money inside.


“As a result of this location, an operation was started discovering a network dedicated to drug trafficking at an international level,” the agents explain. “The organization used heated vehicles to transport drugs and money, even silk-screening them as commercial vehicles”they add.

The organization moved drugs internationally through motor units that they prepared with double funds in the Seville town of Tomares. The drivers of these cars dressed in alleged company uniforms.

The heads of the organization traveled frequently to Colombia and the Dominican Republic, to buy the drugs that they later took to Madrid from where they organized the transfer to other places.

The Civil Guard carried out searches in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Cádiz and Seville, arresting nine men and five women for crimes of drug trafficking, identity theft and money laundering.

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