SPAIN – New notice from the DGT on second-hand cars (+VIDEO)


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT)published a new notice about the second hand cars.

DGT notice on second-hand cars

Given a rather difficult economic outlook for Spain and the Old Continent, due to rising inflation, a more expensive electricity bill and the lack of microchips that reduces the production of new car models, the sale of second hand cars increased.

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The chip crisis in the European auto industry stopped assembling a total of 1 million new cars this year.

So second-hand cars are booming. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) alerted all buyers that it is relevant to review some aspects of the car before buying it.

The aspects that you should check before buying a second-hand car

The DGT alerted users to the scams they may suffer:

Technical aspects

  • First, you must check the bodywork, paint, blows from serious accidents
  • Check oil and timing belt
  • Check that the tires are those that appear on the technical inspection card and that the tread depth is at least 1.6mm
  • Check damping by pushing hard from the side
  • Inspect that the interior of the car is in perfect condition: seat belts, seat adjustment, windows, door locks, etc.
  • Insert the key and start the engine. Check that all switches work correctly
  • Check that the pedals do not play too much

All papers in order

The DGT advised to order a reduced car condition report. A free report that allows you to find out if the model is registered or if there is any incident or pending charge.

possible loads who can present a second-hand car:

  • Circulation Tax
  • Possible sanctions imposed
  • Free from any disposition limitations
  • Free of embargoes and seals

It is very important to sign the sales contract with the seller. The DGT It has a form on its website with all the information.

It is necessary to justify the payment of the Property Transfer Tax (ITP), with model 620 or 61, depending on the autonomous community. Together with the change of ownership of the car and if it has the ITV previous.

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