Spain: Motorist with prison order leads persecution after committing an offense in Canyelles

The Mossos d’Esquadra are on the trail of a man who ran away in Canyelles, after they were going to identify him because he had committed an infraction.

However, he is knowingly having an arrest warrant, he preferred to escape. The police have not been able to find him. The situation occurred on Monday, February 6.

Police pursuit in Garraf

The infractions were registered in the C-15, in that place the officers tried to hunt him down to stop it. The suspect seemed to obey orders, but suddenly, sped through the streets of Canyelles, starting a chase.

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Neighbors in the sector managed to record the event. “Fourth lap of police pursuit… Flipad”, comments the woman who was filming the red biker.

Finally, the man took the exit to the mentioned highway and the policeman he couldn’t stop it.

The individual has an active warrant

The Mossos They have achieved identify the individual when engraving license plates. When checking, the agents noticed a active arrest warrantin addition to having to go to court to be admitted to prison, although the reason is not known.

Likewise, an investigation has been started for the alleged reckless driving offence, so the motorist would be arrested in the next few hours. It is speculated that the escape was due to avoiding the detention.

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