SPAIN – Manuel Vázquez, a waiter from the “Hermoso de Mendoza”, loses his life in a road accident in Ciudad Real

Manuel Vazquez Remirezdriver and waiter of the “Beautiful from Mendoza”died after a terrible traffic accident in Spain.

Spanish waiter Manuel Vázquez dies in traffic accident

vazquez He was a driver of the horse transport habitually and also helped in the alley sporadically, he was also one of the swordsmen in some squares.

Manuel Vazquez Remirezwas a swordsman of Pablo and of beautiful william from Mendoza, he lost his life on November 20 after a terrible traffic accident, when he lost control of the truck he was driving, leaving the road he was driving on, after which it overturned.

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The truck was carrying cows and the accident happened at around 2:30 p.m. in the province of Ciudad Real. After the strong collision the driver lost his life instantly.


Manuel worked under the orders of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza in the 2013 season as a driver of the transport of the horses normally and as an assistant in the alley. The years following this he continued with the same work together with being a swordsman in some arena, during the last three years with the beginning of the career of Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza. He staying with the team until the 2018 season.

Manuel was a cordial and sensitive man, always smiling and attentive to others and always a collaborator in everything, happy and proud he carried his bullfighters on his shoulders at the end of each bullfighting event.

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