Spain: Drunk driver tries to flee after crashing into motorcycles and parked cars in Palma

Spain: Drunk driver tries to flee after crashing into motorcycles and parked cars in Palma

Early this Tuesday, November 1, a drunken driver crashed into several cars and motorcycles parked in Palma and then tried to run away.

The incident occurred around 5:30 a.m. on Eusebi Eslada street, where a driver from 23 years He was driving and, at a certain moment, he brushed against a car parked to his right. Seconds later she crashed into a second car, also parked.

This last vehicle climbed onto a platform of concrete where there is a bus stop. While the car that caused the accident ended up overturned.

Some taxi drivers who witnessed the event approached help the young manbut they couldn’t get him out of the vehicle, so they decided to turn to tourism with the driver inside.

After turning the vehicle, the young man started to “park the car”, but at that moment, when Go backwards, He hit a motorcycle and sped up to run away.

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It would not get very far, as it lost control of the car and hit two other motorcycles and a taxi near the scene. In total, there were four motorcycles and three motorcycles.

The witnesses They were in charge of holding the young man so that he would not escape until the arrival of the Palma Police.

The officers carried out alcohol test and almost tripled the allowed rate. It was even hard for him to talk. and repeatedly apologized. The young man assured that he was a good person and I didn’t want to cause damage.

Now he faces charges of crime against road safety and you will have to appear before a judge, who will decide whether to withdraw your driver’s license.

There was also a Emma’s Brigade who was in charge of cleaning the road of the remains of the accident, while a crane removed the crashed cars. The Palma Police is in charge of investigating the causes of the accident.

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