Spain: Driver is arrested after overturning in a roundabout in Malaga; an occupant was sitting in the window

The Malaga Police has apprehended a driver, after in the early hours of Saturday morning will travel recklessly and with apassenger sitting in the window as co-pilot until overturning in the streets of victoria of the Angels, very close to the shopping center Main Square.

The vehicle will overturned in the roundabout, hit another car that was found parked with people inside. After hiding the car, the subject had the brilliant idea of ​​escaping from the place.

Now, he faces crimes of reckless driving, abandonment of the accident site and serious negligence injuries, This was reported by the City Council of the capital.

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It was the occupants of the parked vehicle who contacted the Local Police. The security team found the person responsible in the vicinity of the accident and was arrested.

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This has been the only one injured the sinister, for which he was transferred to a care center and later to another, where he remains.

The accident was recorded and the images went viral on social media. In the clip you can see how the vehicle takes the roundabout at high speed and dumps. The co-pilot is ejected, but apparently uninjured.

This case is just one more example that the Idiocy behind the wheel has consequences.

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