Requirements to get new license plates in Texas

The owners of a vehicle in the United States is it so required to register it and have the necessary license plates. Otherwise, it is possible to suffer fines and other types of sanctions. In this article we will see what are the requirements to get new license plates in Texas and how are the necessary procedures to be in tune with what the law indicates. We start with everything that is necessary to be a registered driver in this state.

What do I need to be a registered driver in Texas?

Both the driver and the vehicle must comply with various regulations in force in this state. They are the following:

  • The vehicle must have been inspected in mechanical workshopsservice or inspection stations authorized by the DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) in order to be registered. In turn, the registration has a cost of 51 dollars plus the additional ones that each county can charge (they can be 20 dollars or more).
  • Each vehicle must have the following minimum coverage of sure: $30,000 per person injured, $60,000 total for injuries in one accident, and $25,000 for property damage.
  • Drivers must have a license issued by DPS. When moving to this state there is a period of 90 days to obtain it.
  • The car must have vehicle registration sticker and license plates visible from Texas.

Requirements to obtain car plates in Texas

Now, to get new car plates in Texas it is necessary to go to the tax collection office of the county in which you live. You can check the addresses here. Below we list the documents What is necessary to present:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Vehicle inspection certificate.
  • Insurance card.

If you have moved you have to provide the registration of the car in your previous state. If you come from abroad it is necessary to present the property document of the corresponding country.

Is it necessary to have 2 vehicle plates in Texas?

You may not know it, but not all states in the United States require 2 license plates. Nevertheless, Texas is one of 31 states where it is required.. In this way, you must have a front and a back plate. This is because the rear plates are more visible on highways while the front plates can be seen in some places such as parking lots. This is used to track stolen vehicles or vehicles used in the commission of different types of crimes.

According to the law, the fine for not having the 2 plates is 200 dollars. In practice, it is very unlikely that a police officer will stop a conduit and issue a ticket for having only one license plate. However, for prevention we advise you to always have the 2 plates visible and in good condition. It is always better to prevent problems than to face them.

Motorcycles, trailers and old cars they can circulate with a single plate on their back.

Characteristics of license plates in Texas

The DMV is the office that issues license plates in Texas.

License plates issued by the Texas DMV have 7 characters, which are usually 3 letters and 4 numbers. This is the same for cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trailers and other vehicles.

Can plates be personalized in Texas?

The license plate number in Texas is assigned by the DMV of this state. Anyway, it’s possible to pay an additional amount and request personalized plates, which allow you to choose the combinations of letters and numbers. To do this, it is first necessary to check availability, since, as you can imagine, it is not possible for there to be 2 identical plates.

Finally, custom designs must be approved by the Texas DMV.

Is it possible to get temporary plates in Texas?

Temporary plates are paper.

The temporary license plates in texas are used for identify cars for a month. They are usually used in cases where the plate has expired and the owner has not yet completed the corresponding procedure. The cost of a temporary tag in Texas is $60.

The procedure is to obtain this identification is simple. To complete it, it is necessary to provide the name of the owner of the vehicle, an address within the state, the vehicle VIN numberthe color of the vehicle and an email address.

Driving with a false temporary plate is a serious crime which carries 4 to 8 years in prison and a fine of up to $300.

How to check plates in Texas before buying a vehicle?

License plates in Texas are valid for 7 years. When you buy a zero kilometer vehicle at a dealership, the plates are obtained when processing the property title. Now, when you buy the car from a private seller or from any other person, the registration must be carried out by the new driver.

On this last case, It is always advisable to check the vehicle information through the license plate data. This can be done through various online car history providers. Some are free and some are not. Payouts are generally better, and they’re also affordable, with fees hovering around $25.

What data can I obtain from a vehicle license plate?

The information that can be obtained with the license plate number is very relevant and includes possible vehicle problems, irregularities, damage and various mechanical characteristics.

In addition, it is possible to find out in what state it is registered or was previously registered, the mileage, if it has been reported stolen, if there is any lien on the vehicle, mechanical defects and damage reported by floods or fires, among other data.

In this way, it is also possible to know the type of vehicle, the color, the engine and the manufacturer. This is useful to check that all the data is correct and that it is not a fake plate or a scam.


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