Repairing Tesla electrics is a business, but above all for your competition!

Repairing Tesla electrics is a business, but above all for your competition!

That the after-sales service and the network of workshops capable of repairing Tesla models is still in the improvement and expansion phase, is something we already knew, but that this situation was reporting succulent benefits to its competitors is quite a surprise. And so much so that the very General Motors has not hesitated to publicly admit the profitable business of repairing Tesla at its official dealersan unexpected and profitable electric car repair service that will also grow with Tesla’s sales growth globally.

Tesla’s youth as a manufacturer, in addition to a sales and after-sales strategy very different from that of any other conventional car brandhas led Tesla to need Agreements with networks of dealers and workshops outside the brand to be able to support their cars in the event of a mechanical breakdown, sheet metal and paint, etc. And this is a business opportunity that we should not underestimate, since General Motors itself has just admitted how profitable it is to repair Tesla for its dealers.

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Tesla has left a profitable after-sales business in the hands of its competition

Yes, taking your Tesla Model 3 to a Chevrolet, GMC or Cadillac dealer (all brands belonging to the General Motors group) for repair may sound like a first, but it is not as strange a practice as it seems when we understand that Tesla’s rapid growth in global sales requires an after-sales service that Tesla itself is not capable of covering through its official network.

According to the data communicated by General Motors to its investors through its president Mark Reuss, Since 2021, 11,000 Tesla cars have passed through the GM sales network in the United States to be repaired. We are talking about a very respectable figure, so much so that Reuss himself has admitted that this entry of competing models into his workshops has become a profitable business for his dealers, also highlighting that this recently discovered formula has a forecast of enormous growth due to the increase in Tesla sales and the corresponding need to provide after-sales support to all those cars.

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