RAM and Jeep return to announce their cars in the Super Bowl 2023

RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023
RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023

He Super Bowl 2023 is closer than ever and of course, as usual, in addition to the teams putting everything into the game, so will the car advertisers to whom ram and jeep They are back this year. However, such advertisers may not be selling cars this year, as a surprising number of automakers will be on the sidelines.

As of January 28, Kia was the only auto brand committed to one of the event’s pricey advertising spots, with GM joining soon after. For their part, Toyota, Carmax, Carvana and Vroom announced that they would not participate in this game, saving the close to US$7 million that a 30-second ad would cost, according to AdAge. However, with just over a week to go until the Super Bowl, there is still time for other manufacturers to announce their campaigns.

RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023

The RAM and Jeep brands, belonging to Stellantis, return to Super Bowl 2023 after skipping the one from the previous year. Brands are buying 60 seconds of ad time during the game, Autonews reports. Ram’s announcement will go live in the fourth quarter of the game, though little is known about what the brand will be announcing.

Similarly, little is known about what Jeep will be showing, but its announcement will be made in the second quarter of the game. He is expected to partner with the same agency that produced his 2020 Super Bowl ad, in which Bill Murray reprized his role as meteorologist Phil Connors, in the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day.

RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023
Image courtesy of ADN.cl – RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023

Let’s remember that the last Stellantis ad, produced in 2021, generated a lot of controversy, which may explain why he decided not to participate in 2022. With Bruce Springsteen, the Jeep ad took place in Lebanon, Kansas, the geographic center of the 48 states. contiguous.

Although intended as a metaphor for centrism, the star of the ad was accused of drinking while driving a motor vehicle. The ad was withdrawn and later reinstated after charges against Springsteen were dropped after it was discovered that he had not been driving drunk, but instead agreed to a fan’s request to share a drink of alcohol while he was on his motorcycle. .

Kia will announce its Telluride

While other manufacturers chose to spend their money elsewhere, Kia said the Super Bowl remains an essential part of increasing brand awareness for its Telluride. Renewed for 2023, the brand has ramped up production of the SUV at its Georgia plant.

He first preview of KIA’s advertising campaign for the 2023 Super Bowl, released on February 1, features a dropped pacifier and the tagline “Find it on 2.12.23.” This is a sneak peek as cryptic as it is baffling, as it will announce a vehicle made at a plant whose suppliers have been found guilty of violating child labor laws.

Image courtesy of Carscoops – RAM and Jeep return to Super Bowl 2023, Kia will also announce their cars

GM and Netflix partner

Meanwhile, this week it was announced that GM and Netflix partner to promote EVs on the streaming service. The automaker has promised to put more electric vehicles (many of which it doesn’t yet produce) on screen in future Netflix shows. And it will all start with the joint announcement that will take place at the Super Bowl.


It’s worth noting that while automotive participation in Super Bowl LVII appears to be light, with brands like Toyota indicating that the timing of the game didn’t align with their products, more automakers may be announcing soon.



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