President of AMDA informs that distributors will seek legal protection after cancellation of the verification standard

After the National Commission for Quality Infrastructure of the Ministry of Economy reported that it would cancel the verification standard, the president of AMDA made some statements in this regard.

Recently, given the decision that was taken by the National Commission for Quality Infrastructure of the Ministry of Economy, of cancel the Rule 236 of technical inspection of the physical-mechanical conditions, Guillermo Rosales, president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Dealers (AMDA), pointed out that they are analyzing to protect themselves against this measure because it affects the renewal of vehicles in Mexico.

In an interview he said that This measure would serve to review the safety conditions of the cars that circulate in Mexicofor which you can result dangerous for society that units with advanced technologies are circulating for the protection of drivers and pedestrians.

“In order for the federal government to cancel an official standard, there is a procedure that is within the federal quality infrastructure law and in the first analysis we did it is that this procedure was not followed, we have the study to present a amparo, it is not a decision taken yet, but it is to present an amparo opposing this decision to restore the state where we were, which was to enter into force on December 1st »he explained.

The Ministry of Economy said that it decided to cancel Rule 236 because it could negatively affect the income of Mexican families who use their vehicles as work tools.

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“In this way, the economy of the Mexican population that has work, family and domestic use vehicles benefits, since this review involved unforeseen expenses to approve the inspections, the payment of the verification itself and, in its case, the repair of the same»they expressed.

In this regard, Rosales pointed out that “We are surprised by the procedure with the government’s decision to cancel the Mexican official norm on the revision, it is a setback, it generates a situation that postpones the obsolescence of the vehicle fleet, increases the risk of accidents and goes against the objectives set in safety road that is in the process of harmonizing in all the states of the republic, beyond the observation of possible vices, the consequences are very negative for coexistence and safety ».

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