Prayers heard, Alfa Romeo will have a supercar again and we will know it in 2023


And finally our prayers have been heard. Alfa Romeo will once again have a supercar in its range, a car that years ago was promised as the successor to the legendary Alfa Romeo 8C, but a short time later it was discarded before a review of the future plans of the Italian firm. Now, under a new management, a product plan more in line with current times and an economic situation that even speaks of profitability, Alfa Romeo plans to launch a supercar by next 2023.

After many years of waiting, it seems that Alfa Romeo will finally have a supercar in its rangea car that should also serve the brand as a farewell to the internal combustion engine before making the final leap to the electric car.

The announcement of this launch has been made by the current CEO of Alfa Romeo, Jean Philippe Imparatoduring an interview conducted by Coach. The former CEO of Peugeot, once he took control of Alfa Romeo to channel his strategy, wants to recover part of his most aspirational vision, which is why he gave the green light to the development of a high-performance car that would serve as a model halo.

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In the words of Imparato himself, the discovery of this supercar could be made as early as March 2023although there is still no confirmed date and the official presentation could take longer depending on how advanced the project is.

The Alfa Romeo supercar could have a lot in common with the Maserati MC20 that we recently tested in Diariomotor

Technically it is quite a mystery how Alfa Romeo will conceive this new supercar, although everything points to the use of 2.9 V6 Twin-Turbo engine of the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio, a carbon chassis derived from the Maserati MC20 and a neo-retro design clearly inspired by classic models of the brand. In fact, in terms of design There has also been talk of a collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Zagato for a long time.but the truth is that to date nothing has been known about how or when we could see the result of this new collaboration.

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