Police in León detain four drug dealers after a traffic accident

The Secretary of Security, Prevention and Protection City of León notified the apprehension of four alleged distributors city ​​drug.

According to the authority, the arrest was made after knowledge of a car accident in the Metropolitan Axis near the Las Ladrilleros community. Sinister that was captured by the cameras of the C4.

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After the incident, the driver of the car He fled on foot, but was detained a few meters away. The León police searched it and found a backpack with glass doses, a short weapon and cash.

Three women were also located at the scene of the accident who claimed to know the detainee. After reviewing them, they were found 2,500 crystal doses, almost half a kilo in a container, a short weapon and 50-peso bills, presumably false.


  • Guadalupe Israel, 33 years old, with 11 arrests for crimes such as possession of a firearm.
  • 27-year-old Stephanie
  • 20 year old Janet
  • Karla, 25 years old

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