Plane modifies its trajectory because a flight attendant is sexually assaulted in mid-flight by a passenger


Airplane changes his route after the sexual assault on a flight attendant by a 66-year-old passenger.

The pilot of an airplane must modify his flight because of a British passenger

A French court will try a 66-year-old British man in December this year, who was accused of sexually assaulting a flight attendant in mid-flight, forcing the pilot to divert from his route, prosecutors said.

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This Saturday morning, “after the captain’s request, the plane changed its trajectory towards the Nantes airport (western France)”, French border police said.

The plane took off from Leeds, in the north of England, bound for Alicante, in the south-east of Spain.

After acknowledging the fact, the passenger was detained at the police station where the victim of the assault reported him.

Subject is a retired male born in the United Kingdom, who “He is under judicial control pending his appearance before the correctional court on December 13,” reported the prosecutor’s office Nantes.

After the arrest of the security forces, it was reported that the man “I was very drunk” with levels of 2.2 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

The prosecutor’s office is in charge of conducting investigations to charge the elderly for the crime of sexual assault. The flight had to be moved to another day.

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