Older Mercedes C63 Still Available With V8 In Australia But Not For Long


Even if Mercedes introduces the new C63 in September 2022, enthusiasts who want a big V8 can still get the previous generation model instead of the current car with its four electric pots. What is surprising is the fact that we are looking at the coupe and cabriolet models, which are still in Australia. Well, not long after this two-door “very limited” Final Edition heralded the end of the old C-Class and the mighty M177 engine.

The fixed-roof model is scheduled to go on sale Down Under from February 1 and will fetch a $28,400 premium over the $190,000 C63 S Coupe on which it is based. If you want a convertible, Mercedes charges an additional $26,400 compared to the standard $212,600 C63 S Cabriolet. Both body styles come with Magno Graphite Gray paint from the Manufacturing catalog, teamed with yellow and dark gray decals. To sweeten the pot, an Exterior Carbon Package was added, along with ceramic front brakes.

The AMG C63 S Final Edition sits on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels with a cross-spoke design. A select coupe and the AMG Aerodynamics Package were added, along with “Final Edition” badge on the C-pillar. Both have AMG Performance front seats and steering wheel, Nappa gray and black seats with yellow stitching, and dark matte/aluminum carbon fiber trim. Mercedes installed a “Last Edition” badge on the center console to mark the end of the V8-powered C63 line.

The larger E63 S is also getting a Final Edition in Australia which is available in limited quantities as a sedan only. It follows its namesake variant which launched in mid-2022 in Europe and costs $272,000 plus $39,900 for the package. This one is also painted in Manufacturing magno Graphite Gray and has the Exterior Carbon Package along with decals on the side skirts.

Other items fitted by Mercedes are ceramic brakes, Multibeam LED headlamps, 20-inch alloy wheels and “Last Edition” badge on the C-pillar. Inside, the front seats are clad in gray or black AMG Performance Nappa with yellow stitching. The super sedan also gets the Driving Assistance Package, MBUX infotainment with augmented reality for navigation, plus lots of carbon fiber trim. As with the C63 S, there is a “Last Edition” logo on the center console.

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There have been worrying reports that the next-gen E63 will also downsize to a plug-in hybrid, four-cylinder setup, but nothing official yet. Another way to do this is by using a detuned version of the electric V8 inside the AMG GT63 SE Performance. Mercedes also has an inline-six for the “53” AMG model, so it has several powertrain solutions.


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