New Brixton Storr: “I want”


The title may be a little weird, I admit, but I wanted to capture what was the first thing that crossed my mind as soon as I saw this bike for the first time. Without paying attention to figures or data, just because of the pure style and design that my brain has, it informed me that in my garage, the Brixton Storr would be luxurious.

And it’s not only because of the design and shapes that evoke Dakarian fairings, but I’ve seen a detail that may be silly, but it’s the typical thing that at least makes me smile. Forks that space that you see in the photos dedicated to storing a first aid kit.

But of course, not everything in life is design and appearancesYou also have to see a bit what this bike hides behind such beautiful lines.


Therefore, we are going to take a quick look at it to see what we can make clear on paper. The first thing is this light Trail bike is a concept that It comes from the Crossfire base, it has a 500cc engine (real 486cc) with a power of almost 48 horses with and with 43 Nm of Torque. This turns out to be very much in line with the first brands of the competition. This engine is the same one mounted by his aforementioned sister, the Crossfire 500. It had already subtly warned us a long time ago that the brand was putting its foot into the turbulent waters of Trail and offroad.

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And now we move on to those things that define whether a Trail is loved or not. because at the end of the day It can be as pretty or ugly as you want, but if it’s not worth taking two ruts in a row, it won’t be very accepted by the Trail community.. That is why it is already difficult to see things as conventional forks, now the brands are forced to mount inverted forks no matter what.

The Storr fork in particular is long-travelvery similar I have to say that the KYB of the crossfire, although still we have not been able to see the exact figures of said fork should be longer and thicker than that of the Crossfire XC. What we do see in the photos is that apart from appearing to be long-haul, it is adjustable. we also see other details that please the eye such as a tubular frame identical to that of the Crossfire XC and a rear monoshock with presumably adjustable links.

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It is clear that this time It will not be the last in which we will talk about this motorcycle Because as a general rule with Brixton, if a concept bike is created like this one, it usually makes it to dealerships. And honestly, It is such a powerful motorcycle visually and on a mechanical level so acceptable (by power, type of mechanics…) that it would be a real madness not to bring it to reality in these times when the Trail is on the rise. It remains to know much more about this concept (it is not yet in manufacture or sale). And, if it is manufactured, wait patiently to be able to put it to the test.

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